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Alipotangazwa kuwa ndio mshindi wa taji la urembo la wilaya ya Kinondoni 2007 (Miss Kinondoni 2007) hivi karibuni, mashabiki wake walipiga vigelegele.Lakini punde suala la “Utanzania” likaibuka. Suala la rangi ya ngozi, asili ya wazazi wake na yeye mwenyewe kuwa au kuonekana “mhindi” kuliko mtanzania likashika hatamu. Hata hivi sasa anapojiandaa kwa kinyang’anyiro cha kuwania taji la Miss Tanzania hapo baadaye,bado wapo watu wanaohoji ilikuwaje,kwanini,itakuwaje na mambo kama hayo. Tunamzungumzia RICHA ADHIA,Miss Kinondoni 2007,binti mdogo wa miaka 19 tu.


Yeye mwenyewe anasemaje kuhusu haya yote? Anajisikiaje suala la “ubaguzi” linapoingia? Nini anatarajia kuifanyia Tanzania? Hivi karibuni, BongoCelebrity ilifanya naye mahojiano ili kuweka sawa baadhi ya mambo. Soma mahojiano yetu naye hapa chini.

BC: What is your full name and who are you??(Brief life history).

RICHA: My name is Richa Adhia, I am 19yrs old and I come from a family of five, I being the eldest. I have one brother and two younger sisters and we all live with our mother in Kariakoo. I grew up in Mwanza where I spent more than 10 years before moving to Dar. I just completed my O’Levels at Shabaan Robert Secondary School in 2005 and at the moment I work as a personal Assistant to the managing Director of Berger Paints Ltd. (Robbialac).

BC: Did you expect to win the Miss Kinondoni Title?

RICHA: I’ll be very honest, no. I was very confident that I would make it to the top five but I did not guess that I would take home the prestigious title of Miss Kinondoni. It came as a surprise and I am so proud to be representing the Kinondoni District.

BC: Which Kitongoji were you from?

RICHA: I came from Dar Indian Ocean where I was the 1st runner up.

BC: How was the Competition in both Pageants?

RICHA: Very Interesting. I had a lot of fun spending time with my fellow contestants and we all enjoyed the pageant excitement and fever, I found both pageants very challenging because all the girls were very competitive and it was hard to guess who would eventually take home the crown.

BC: Why now and not previously that you decided to take the plunge into the pageant?

RICHA: Well I have always loved fashion and beauty since I was a child and I was very keen on participating for a long time, but I was under age before that and according to the rules you have to be 18 and above. As soon as I turned 18 I first tried my luck with BEAUTY QUEENS OF TANZANIA which is under Maria Sarungi Tsehai and won the Miss Earth Tanzania Title and now using the experience I gained, I am reshuffling my luck with the Miss Tanzania Pageant.


Miss Kinondoni Richa Adhia akiwa na washiriki wengine wa Miss Kinondoni 2007.Wa pili kutoka kushoto ni Lilian Abel aliyeibuka mshindi wa pili.

BC: What are your expectations in the Miss Tanzania finals?

RICHA: I definitely have high expectations, I choose to take this path in life and I don’t intend to let any body down especially myself. I know that if I work hard enough and put all my heart and soul into what I am doing, I will get far.

BC: This is not your first time to take part in such competitions. Can you briefly tell us the rest that you have taken part in??(Dates & Positions won).

RICHA: That’s true; this is not my first time to take part in such competitions. Last year in 2006, I participated in BEAUTY QUEENS OF TANZANIA which is under Maria Sarungi Tsehai and won the Miss Earth Tanzania title which was held in August. I later represented Tanzania at the Miss Earth Pageant in Philippines and managed to get to the top five best in bikini in the first category.

BC: Do you do Modeling?

RICHA: Yes I do, I have been modeling as a freelancer since 2004 but most of my modeling assignments have been for Tanzania’s most renowned fashion designer Mustafa Hassanali.

BC: Who designs your wardrobe and why?

RICHA: All my designer outfits are done by no one else but Mustafa Hassanali. I love his work and opt for him anytime. He has a hand with elegant but yet sexy outfits. With me he never goes wrong in whatever he designs for me.

BC: What inspires you with whatever you are doing?

RICHA: My Inspiration has been my Mother, Her wisdom and advice has helped me build myself into the person I am today. She is not only my mom but a best friend as well. We have an awesome understanding and she encourages me to do whatever I please as long as I now my limits and boundaries.

BC: What are you doing now? (Employment, school e.t.c) and does it not interfere with your beauty and fashion activities?

RICHA: At the moment I work with Berger Paints Tanzania Ltd. (Robbialac) as a Personal Assistant to the Managing Director Mr. Mehboob Bharwani, I am lucky that I have a very supportive and understanding Boss, who understands my love for Social Contribution and gives me all the time I need for my other activities as well. Although my daily schedule is really tight, I enjoy every moment of it.

BC: What about your family, are they happy with your engaging in such activities?

RICHA: Very much infact, my family members are all very happy for me especially my mother who not only gives me her full support but who is also my backbone. I also get a lot of criticism both good and bad from my sisters and brother and this has helped me mould my image, Not forgetting my Nana who has been there for us throughout and has given me so much of hope as well. I love them all so much and very much depend on their guidance with every step I take.

BC: There is this issue of race. We have to say about it because people have raised concern about you being a Tanzanian of Asian origin and all that.

RICHA: It’s sad that people have raised such an issue. I don’t see why they should, because I am not the only Asian born in this Country. In fact both my parents were born here in Tanzania. My mother in Pemba and my father in Morogoro. I was born here in Dar and grew up in Mwanza so what does that make me? Definitely not an American nor a British not even an Indian. I am proudly Tanzanian and I know no other country but Tanzania. May be I am Afro Indian but I am still a born Tanzanian.

BC: Do you feel offended by the race issues raised?

RICHA: Not really, it doesn’t offend me but it does surprise me. Our father of the Nation the late Julius Kambarage Nyerere himself said once that we should stop discriminating each other because we are all brothers and sisters. I totally agree with his words. Racial discrimination has long past its phrase and is considered history, so its high time Tanzanians bury the past.

BC: Why did you opt for Miss Tanzania and not Miss Universe?

RICHA: While the Miss Universe pageant was going on, I was still holding on to the Miss Earth Tanzania title so I couldn’t participate, then came the opportunity of Miss Tanzania which was after my term had ended. To me both these pageants are prestigious in fact Miss World has even more fans. So getting the chance to represent my country in any one of these pageants is a privilege on its own.

BC: What about the bikini part, do you or don’t you support contestants parading in them, considering that in Miss World contestants bare it all in front of millions of viewers across the globe whilst its forbidden at home?

RICHA: I think I support both ways, you know every country has its rules and regulations, you may find that in the country that the pageant is being held, parading in Bikini is a normal thing, but then here at home that is bridge of respect.As a Beauty queen you have to fit in to any situation depending on the circumstances, but then there also, you have to think whether your action is right or wrong.

BC: Tell us about your love life.

RICHA: Hmmmmm interesting!!! I don’t know if this will be good or bad news but unfortunately I am not seeing any one at the moment. Like I said earlier my life is so engrossed in my work and my plans for social development here in Tanzania, that I just can’t make space to fit in a relationship. See you know tena how man love attention and if you don’t have time for him than that’s unfair.

BC: What ambitions do you have in life and how do you see yourself in ten years from today?

RICHA: I have always wanted to become a successful communicator, someone who can positively affect other people’s lives through different aspects and I do see myself doing exactly that in another ten years from now.

BC: What single person do you admire the most and why?

RICHA: I have always admired Father of the Nation the Late Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere. He was a courageous man and his wisdom founded Tanzania into what it is today. He was the first Man who encouraged the elimination of racial discrimination and that itself is an achievement.

BC: If there was a 2nd coming in life what would you wish to be on your return and why??

RICHA: I would definitely want to return as a Cat. Because they have six lives!!!(I hope that’s true, that they really have six lives, if only they could talk).

BC: What are your hobbies?

For recreational activities, I really enjoy reading different articles, dancing, cooking, relaxing at the beach and traveling.

BC: Of all Miss Tanzania Since its re-inception in 1994 which title holder you admire most and why??

RICHA: It would be very unfair to Mention the name of a particular beauty queen because I personally feel that every young lady who was/is Miss Tanzania was chosen for a reason, All of them carried the title because they deserved it for various reasons and I admire all of them just for the confidence that brought them forward to represent their country.

BC: You have given yourself to public life as a celebrity, are you prepared for the consequences?

RICHA: Well yes I am. I think in life you have to prepare yourself for all consequences that come your way even if you are not a celebrity. I know my journey as a beauty queen is not a very easy one since I am considered a role model, and this I knew and prepared for before I joined the pageant.

BC: If you become Miss Tanzania what would be your priorities as Tanzanian Beauty Queen??

RICHA: I have focused on three main priorities. One is on Environmental degradation and the consequences caused due to global warming. Secondly, on the importance of education for the poor and needy, third on the importance of our health and why we should maintain it. These three things are the breeding grounds to many other problems in Tanzania, and I feel that eradicating and eliminating them would make life so much easier. All this can be done by joining hands as societies and a Nation and conducting special awareness programs and projects.

BC: What messages do you have for fellow youth, especially Girls?

RICHA: To all the youths I would like to say that “you all are the creators of you own lives, it’s either you make it or break it. Do not allow anyone to create your life according to their advantage. What you build of yourself you build your children”. To all the young ladies, I would like to encourage women empowerment, learning how to become independent is a start…so let’s all join hands, stand tall and show the world we are proudly Tanzanians.

BC: Have you got anything to say that I have not asked?

RICHA: Well I would just like to add that today the deadliest hazard faced by the world is Global Warming and the outcome caused, its never too late to make a difference so we can still contribute in helping preserve and protect mother Earth, because not only is it a gift from God which should be appreciated but our home and the home of our children in the future.

BC: Thank you very much Richa for your time. We wish you all the best.

RICHA: Thank you.






  1. Maia Says:

    MhMh. Mi yangu macho. nakubaliana na wewe mrembo wetu, Lakini lazima tukubaliane wewe ni mtanzania kweli? kukitokea kitu kupigania nchi yako Tanzania utakubali??? Wahindi wengi sana wanajiita watanzania pale wanapofaidika na Utanzania. Wengi waliokuwa nje ya nchi na passport ya Tanzania wanajiita wahindi lakini wakiona faida ya utanzania wanjiita watanzania. Hivi tuulizane tulishawahi kuona muhindi vitani au jeshini?? Lakini wamejaa kibao Tanzania. Kingine kinachonisumbua mimi ni ubaguzi wa wahindi. Labda dada yetu wewe ni taifa jipya, mambo yatabadilika. kama ni hivyo, tunakupongeza. lakini duuu bado nasita kidoooooooooogo……

  2. Amina bint Mbwembwe Says:

    Waheshimiwa!!Mimi nashikwa na kigugumizi kidogo maswala ya warembo wetu hapo juu!Swala kubwa ni Ubaguzi walionao wananchi wenzetu wenye asili ya kihindi!pili katika swala la Tanzanian Ebony Beuty Identity?????hivi kuna vigezo gani vianvyotumika katika kumcahgua mrembo mzuri wa kiafrika?sio pamoja na Natuaraly Identity yaani rangi ya hasili ya utanzania?au tukilizungumizia hili litakuwa sohoo???kuwa tunaanza ubaguzi!maana naona kama vile hapa umetembea ubaguzi kachaguliwa mtu kwa sababu ni mdosi na weusi hawana chao!Jamani tulijadili swala hili.
    Hivi huyu ukimpeleka nje na kusema Miss Tanzania!!!watu si watajiuliza mara nyingi?!!!?? na kukosa jubu.

  3. Mwali Says:

    Kama kweli ni MTZ mbona Interview imefanywa ya kiingereza zi mngefanyia ya kiswahili?

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Kujibu suala la Amina Bint Mbwembwe, hivi unamaanisha kuwa Miss France na pia Miss USA walivyonyakuwa mataji yao wakiwa na ngozi nyeusi ina maana kuwa hawakustali?

  5. kichuguu Says:

    Hivi kuna wahindi polisi au jeshini?

  6. Tuzie Says:

    Mbona hata ya Flaviana Matata ilifanyika kwa kiingereza?

  7. Kingo Says:

    Kichuguu, ama kweli wewe ni kichuguu.Soma na uwelewe, jitahidi sana usome magazeti na usikilize vyombo vya habari na ujue viongozi wako, hata wale wadogo na upate kujua kama kuna wahindi na waarabu jeshini au kwenye serikali.
    Hivi watanzania hakuwa ambao ni wahindi na waarabu? Hivi Africa ni ya watu weusi tu? Hivi ulaya na marekani ni ya weupe tu? mbona kuna weusi wengi tu na ni wazalendo wa nchi zao? mfano mdogo ni wanamichezo mastaa wa kimarekani si weusi?Au wote hao ni watanzania wamekimbia kwao?
    Jamani ACHENI UBAGUZI, lazima mjue kuwa ubaguzi umeshapitwa na wakati!KALAGABAHOOO!!!!

  8. HH MWERA Says:

    mbona hamjamuuliza kama anaweza kuongea kiswahili ?????????????????? maana wadosi wote wanajifanya watanzania lakini ukija katika suala la uzalendo, especially lugha– jibu ni zeeeeroooo. Hata mimi nimesoma hapo shaaban robert nawajua hawa watu, ubaguzi ndio hulka yao, especially kutotaka kuongea lugha ya kiswahili

  9. mimi Says:

    Binafsi nafurahia ushindi wa bibie na kwa kiasi fulani nina hakika anaweza kufika mbali. Kwa vile uwezo wa kujieleza ni miongoni mwa vigezo. Na kama atashinda atasaidia kuitangaza nchi ambayo kwa kweli haifahamiki sana huku ughaibuni. Lakini tukirudi nyuma tuwaombe au kuwaasa ndugu zetu wenye asili ya kiasia -hasa wahindi wajaribu kuchanganyika na jamii yetu. Sijawahi kusikia kijana wa kitanzania au kibantu ameoa mhindi. Tujaribu hilo basi.

  10. Miss kinondoni Fan. Says:

    Maia: Maana unataka kuniambia mpaka upige vita ndiyo unakuwa mtazania?Kwani wewe uko jeshini? Niambie huyu binti anauhusiano gani na wahindi wengine? kama amejileta mbele nakushiriki na waswahili wenzetu basi kweli amejichanganya na hana ubaguzi. kosa ya watu wengine usimlaumu yeye..

  11. Miss kinondoni Fan. Says:

    Mwali: ungekuwa unasoma tarifa za habari na magazeti, usingeuliza swala hilo, Mbona face to face kipindi cha chanel ten aliongea kiswahili?Na kiswahili safi tena.,hata kwenye magazeti ana intaview ya kiswahili kama gazeti ya sayari.Soma magazeti na acha ubaguzi!!

  12. Miss kinondoni Fan. Says:

    Anonymous: Kweli umeongea la maana.

  13. Miss kinondoni Fan. Says:

    Kichuguu, hivi wewe uko jeshini au ni polisi?Basi itakuwaje wewe ni mtanzania?

  14. Miss kinondoni Fan. Says:

    ahsanteni Tuzie na Kingo..Kingo kweli nakubali na wewe, ubaguzi umepitwa na wakati. Badala ya kufurahi kuwa binti wa kihindi amejitokeza nakushiriki kwenye mashindano haya, wanaleta maneno..

  15. sophia Says:

    good interview Richa,Stand tall and represent Kinondoni……….let them wondered and prove them wrong. all the best.

  16. Miss kinondoni Fan. Says:

    Amina: we subiri tu, ngoja afike Miss world atakuonyesha vipi anaiwakilisha nchi, kwa taarifa yako huyu binti alicheza mpaka sindimba kwenye mashindano nyingine huko China..

  17. Miss kinondoni Fan. Says:

    HH MWERA: Kama kweli umesoma shabaan robert basi Nashanga itakuwaje nimjinga hivyo.,mbona umekimbilia shule ya kihindi kama walikuwa wana kubagua?Mtu mzima, umesoma shule nzuri lakini bado mawazo yako ni madogo.pole sana…

  18. Kimanumanu Says:

    Its really huyu binti ni mhindi na kwa kumkubali kushiriki at International stage ni kupoteza Identity yetu Watanzania!Let South Africa And Zimbabwe doit due to propotion yao.Kwani nani hajui India kuna Black Africans kama sisi achilia mbali black Indians!I have been there for hardly ten years its a mess kwa dark colours!Howcome do we entertain kwani tuna umuhimu gani kujipendekeza kwa watu wasiokupenda?She should end up there kama ni kosa limefanyika akomee hapohapo.Let them them rule kwenye maeneo waliyokwishawahi but tusiruhusu huu uzembe hata kwenye maeneo yanayowezekana kwa Watanzania halisi.Do away with politics eti anti racism.

  19. Bewala Says:

    Miss Kinondoni Fan unaongea point nzuri sana nimekukubali. Mambo ya kibaguzi yamepitwa na wakati. kama binti wa kidosi kajitokeza kujichanganya na wabongo apewe nafasi. Asihukumiwe kwa dhambi ya mtu mwingine. Mbona timu ya taifa ya ufaransa walikuwa karibia wote weusi na hamkusema???

  20. nansi Says:

    hongera dada,kwa ushindi kila lakheri nakutakia,ukashinde miss ukatuwakilishe vizuri watanzania kwenye miss world.ila na swali moja leo hii mimi,ningekuwa nimezaliwa india kama wewe ulivyo zaliwa tanzania je wangenichagua?
    hii iwemfano kwa nchi ya india,kama sisi tumeweza kukuchagua basi nawao wawape chance watu wengine weusi ,wa nchi yoyote pale afrika ili ionekane hakuna ubagusi hauna mana,binadamu wote sawa its just a colour.

  21. Aina Says:

    Nadhani mganganyiko wa ubaguzi hapa hauna umuhimu kwa sasa labda ili kuondoa utata katika mashindano mengine ya ulimbwende tumuombe bwana Lundenga na Kamati yake watoe kwa ufasaha na kwa elimu ya kutosha kwa hawa Watanzania wenzetu wajue tofauti ya Miss Tanzania na mashindano mengine ya urembo ambayo yanazingatia sana rangi na utaifa wa mtu. Hii pia itasaidia washiriki ambao wanaogopa kuingia katika kinyanganyiro kwa kutojua sheria na kama wao wanaruhusiwa. Tumekuwa tukipata mabinti huku mikoani wa kushiriki miss Tanzania mpaka unaona aibu hawana sifa hata lakini pale inapotokea binti kama Richa please ndugu zangu tumuunge mkono sidhani kama akibahatika kuwa miss Tanzania au Miss World ataomba uraia wa Canada …. tuondoe hayo mawazo, Wahindi wote si wabaya, kiwa ni wabaya basi hata yale tabia za makabila yetu ya hapa TZ tunazoambia kabila fulani ni… na hili … ni za kweli please tuwe waelea

  22. Jou Says:

    jamani tuondoeni hii mentality mbaya ya ubaguzi ,ubaguzi ni sumu inayotambaa haraka sna ukianza ubaguzi huu then utakuwa zaidi then utakuwa na ubaguzi mwingine wa kubaguana kwa makabila, hv kina serena williams mbona mablack lkn wanaiwakilisha America na no one aliyehojia uasili wao ,America wanawathamini watu wanaoijengea heshima nchi yao wakati sisi tunawawekea vipingamizi watu wanaotaka kuandika jina la TZ duniani .
    tutafika kweli !!!!

  23. Bewala Says:

    Kimanumanu hapo umekosea. Hivi ikitokea wewe ukaenda kuishi Uk ukapata mtoto kule akatokea kuwa celebrity halafu jamii ya weupe ikamdiscriminate utajisikiaje?? Ubaguzi wa rangi umepitwa na wakati ndugu yangu amka!!!!

  24. EL Says:

    Hivi, mbona Wamarekani weusi wakiingia na wakishika taji la Miss America hatulalamiki?Au Afrika Kusini, mbona wamekuwa na Weusi,Muhindi na Halfcasti (coloreds) na wazungu kama Miss South Africa? Kwanza M-hindi (Muhindi..whatever) maana yake ni nini? Mimi nadhani ni mtu kutoka India. Sasa yeye ameshasema kuwa ni Mtanzania!! Kwanini mlazimishe kuwa ni m-hindi? Kwanza kama tunataka kuongelea mambo ya origins, tutajikuta wengine hapa tunatokea Msumbiji, Rwanda, Kenya, Malawi etc!! So please Tanzanians, dont be too quick to judge.
    About the language issue, dont even go there. Mbona hatulalamiki kwanini interviewer anaongea kiingereza? Mbona hatulalamiki President akiongea kiingereza? au mbona hatulalamiki bongo stars wakiongea kiingereza?
    I’M SO ASHAMED OF Y’ALL WHO ARE CLEARLY RACISTS!!Yes, kumekuwa na baadhi ya watu wa asili ya Asia ambao wametutenda vibaya…lakini angalieni pia katika makabila yetu….kunabaadhi ya makabila ya TZ ambayo yanaubaguzi kupita hata wa asia….
    anyway, i rest my case…

  25. k. Says:

    mmmh jamani ,wanavyotufanyi sisi huko hao watu,wala msingeongelea hilo swala mana ni pana mno,mana wanajidhamini wao,sisi wanatuona kama sio binadamu.
    sio ubaguzi ila inauma unamdhamini asiye kudhamini,leo hii mnasema miss kinondoni haileti mana.
    swala la la marekani linajulikana wanaishi watu weusi na weupe.kwahiyo watu weusi kushiriki michezo ni jambo la kawaida.leo hii matata akasimama na huyo mwindi nani atakuwa anaitangaza nchi ya tanzania.matata au mihindi.kwa ujumla majaji wanajua nini wanafanya wanataka kutubeep.sisi tunabadilika kuacha ubaguzi nawao basi watupe moyo.

  26. Myahudi Says:

    Mwacheni huyu binti ni Mtanzania. Kazaliwa Tanzania, sasa mnataka awe raia wa India wakati kazliwa TZ? Mbona kuna Watanzania mnahamia ulaya na kuomba uraia wa huko? Hivi mtajisikiaje mkizaa watoto wenye talents fulani halafu wakabaguliwa kwa sababu tu wazazi wa mtoto huyo wana asili ya TZ? Mnaosema Wahindi wabaguzi, huyu binti alishambagua yeyote kati yenu, kama mmebaguliwa na wengine basi si wote ni wabaguzi. Huyu aliyesoma nae Shaban Robert atuambie kama aliwahi kubaguliwa nae!

  27. nyesi Says:

    Kusema ukweli, Patel kuiwakilisha tanzania haingii akilini!. na Nyie waandaaji wa kinondoni mmezidi, mara wasomali, mara wahindi, ebu acheni kuziba nafasi za wabongo wazawa!

  28. antindians Says:

    I hope she will not make to Miss World. It is shame,I dont understand why Tanzanians are so naive. We all knows Indians ruin our economy and they are racists.

  29. dj tom in japan Says:

    mambo hayo mimi sina kubwa la kuongea,nyerere alituasa watanzania kuhusu mambo haya ya kubaguana,uzanzibari, uzanzibara, ukabila nk..mimi naona tuachane na haya mambo ya ubaguzi wa rangi, binti kishasema amezaliwa mwanza huyu ni mtanzania..kumbukeni kuwa kuna watanzania wengi tuishio nje tumeoa watu weupe, kama mimi, je leo hii ina maana nitajisikiaje mtoto wangu ambaye nimezaa na mjapan akibaguliwa? na mjue kuwa dunia ya sasa rangi ya mtu sio kigezo tena cha utaifa wake, mbona ufaransa kuna mastaa kbao weusi, ujerumani nako pia, amerika , australia watu weusi kibao wana wadhifa mbalimbali kule sasa inakuwaje leo watanzania muanze kumbagua huyu binti eti kwa rangi yake? kama wahindi ni wabaguzi poa ,sawa..lakini mkae mkijua kuwa hata wakati wa enzi ya ubaguzi kule south bado kulikuwa na wazungu ambao walikuwa wanaupinga, je mwalifahamu hilo? hivi mnafahahu kuwa koffi annan alikuwa na mke mzungu? je mnafahamu kuwa mshauri mkubwa wa mwalimu nyerere alikuwa mzungu? au hamkuwa mnafuatilia picha nyingi za mwalimu alikuwa na mama wa kizungu pembeni mwake? je mnamkumbuka amil jamal? huyu alikuwa mhindi lakini alilitumikia taifa hili kwa nguvu zake zote mpaka alipofariki!!! mimi sio mwanafalsafa lakini nawaelimisha nyinyi watanzania mnaojifanya kichwa ngumu wakati hamelewi chochote kuhusiana na historia ya nchi hii, hivi mnadhani nelson mandela hakuwa na akili wakati aliposema kuwa lets forget about the past and build the nation free from apatheid, aliwasamehe watu ambao walimfunga jela maisha !!!!
    sasa hawa watanzania wanaosema eti itakuwa aibu tukiwasilishwa na mhindi kwenye miss world, mimi naona tutapata sifa zaidi kwani itaonekana kiwa taifa letu halina ubaguzi!!!!!
    mnasemaje watanzania? kuna mtu bado shule hii haijamuingia akilini? bado mtanipinga?
    mtanzania miye bwanaaaa!!!!

  30. Jane Says:

    Acheni Ubaguzi, lait mngejua huyu bint, anaroho nzuri sana, na hata kuwa miss Kinondoni ni bahati yake na tunamwombea afike mpaka Miss World, kwani Tanzania ina watu weupe na weusi lakini wote ni watanzania, kuhusu kiswahili huyu bint anaongea kiswahili hata huyo anyelaumu et mbona kaongea kiingereza hajui kuongea kiswahili kama huyo bint, kuna makabila hapa Tz hayawezi kuongea kiswahili ina maana hawa si wa Tz acheni kumwonea wivu, najua sana haya ni maneno ya mkosaji, Richa kazana usikatishwe tamaa na walopokaji wasio na mpango washamba hao hawapendi maendeleo ya wtu wengine.

  31. EL Says:

    Ruin our economy? How? We ruin our own economy. Our leaders ruin our economy. Hivi niwaulize, Watanzania wenzetu aliozamia huko nchi za watu na wanafanya vituko, wengine wezi/vibaka etc, kwahiyo wakisema watanzania wote ni wezi/vibaka is it true? au turudi kwenye makabila yetu, ni kweli wapare wote wanapenda ngono, au wachaga wote wanapenda hela au wakurya wote wanapiga wake zao and all the other stereotypes that we have for makabila yetu? jamani, tuangalie mtu as an individual!
    As long as ni mtanzania, ana tabia nzuri, go ahead girl, represent.

  32. EL Says:

    Yaani DJ Tom,nakuvulia kofia…nadhani umemaliza mjadala!! Vichwa ngumu ni vichwa ngumu tu, hata ufanyeje, kwao kamwe hawana maendeleo. they are the sort of people who love to blame others for their misfortune, instead of seeing a way out, they try to see who pushed them in!
    Having lived in SA for 4 years,i really feel you kabisa!

  33. keiko Says:

    mtu ambae wazee wake wamezaliwa tanzania, mnataka nini zaidi ya hapo ili awe mtanzania halisi?
    watanzania ubaguzi umo damuni pale tunapobagua sisi, tukifika nchi za watu tukibaguliwa inatuuma sana, na wakati kule tumeenda miaka mitano haifiki!
    tuwe open minded , muhimu kwa mshindi ni kuwa na vigezo vinavyofaa, ikiwa ni pamoja na uwezo wa kujieleza , ambapo bibie anaonyesha kujitahidi kulinganishwa na washindi wetu wengine

  34. JOHN Says:

    Nyie wabaguzi wa rangi mnataka huyo binti ajipake mashizi ndipo awe Mtanzania?AU manataka kwenye form za kushiriki waweke viegezo vya Rangi??Muwe wa wazi semeni anatakiwa Mweusi.Je kama kuna mtu ana asili Ghana kazaliwa Tanzania na raia kahiriki Umiss akishinda ataonekana MTanzania kwa kuwa mweusi?

  35. shembwana Says:

    hivi jamani tumesha shuhudia miss world akitokea india,sasa kwani yule alikuwa mmatumbi? sasa leo hii sisi tuje tujipendekeze kwa kuwa eti yeye ngozi ya kungaa,kwani aliye wahi kuwa miss world wa nigeria alikuwa na ngozi ya kihindi?Acheni kujipendekeza njie ndio maana mnafua nguo zao miaka nenda miaka rudi. mzee wa chapati.

  36. Miss kinondoni Fan. Says:

    Loh mnanichekesha, minadhani maneno haya yote ni wivu tu. Sifa aliyokuwanazo huyu binti hamtakuwanazo miako 20 kutoka sasa, nimzuri kwa umbo, uso, ngozi,na kujieleza kama mliangaliya miss kinondoni mtajua. Ninaimani atawabomoa washiriki wenzake nakutu wakilisha si watu wakinondoni vizuri.kwa wale wanaomsema penda msipende kashinda, ni miss kinondoni wetu na atashinda mpaka Miss Tanzania, subirini tuu..

    tanzania haijawahi kuwa namshiriki wa kihindi na huyu binti anatuonyesha kuwa hawana ubaguzi, lakini minaona ubaguzi unatoka kwetu, ni aibu hatufuati tulichofundishwa na baba wetu wa taifa Mwalimu Nyerere kuhusu UBAGUZI kama alivyosema Richa.

    Mi kweli namfagilia Richa, if she reach here than she have confedence, kupita vitongoji mpaka hapa si mchezo..
    HONGERA SANA RICHA, Tunakuamini utatuwakilisha vizuri.

  37. xxx Says:

    Miss kinondoni Fan, Unachosema ni kweli. Richa kastahili kushinda, mimi pia ninamfagilia.

  38. kichapo Says:

    Ongera kwa kushinda,sikiliza bibie huo ushindi ni wako na umeshinda kihalali,usiwasikilize hao wanaotaka kuleta urangi/ubaguzi wa kijinga.Rangi yako haikunyimi utanzania wako….keep your head up;go to miss Tanzania….go to miss World…you go girl!

  39. dRU Says:

    Jamani haya mambo tena yametoka wapi? Halafu kuna mdau hapo juu kauliza kam akuna polisi ama mjeshi mhindi!! Mbona tulikuwa na mawaziri wahindi!! (Amir Jamal,etc.) Tena kipindi cha Marehemu baba wa Taifa mara ti baada ya UHURU … Huyu dada ni mtanzania kabisa!! Kwanza kwa kuzaliwa na pia kwa upande wa asili ya wazazi wake!! Mbona mambo haya Tanzania visiwani hayapo!!? Maana wao walichanganyika na mpaka kuoleana kitu ambacho kimetoa kabisa maswala kama haya… Let us be more positive and careful in discussing matters such as this… Naona hata moderator wa hii bolg uingilie kati na kutuletea mwongozo ambao unajenga na si ushabiki tuu.

  40. Chiwalala Says:

    Ninafuatilia haya marumbano naona kuna mwingiliano wa mambo bila watu kuewelewa. Kwanza, Amerika sio nchi ya weupe wazungu, kwa asili ni nchi ya wahindi wekundu ambao walivamiwa na kuangamizwa na mzungu, baada hapo, mkusanyiko wa watu wa races mbalimbali sasa ndio unaofanya amerika, si wazungu. kwa hiyo mfano wa watu weusi wa amerika kufanya vitu vyoa hapa haufanyi kazi.
    Pili: mbona kwenye timu (michezo)ya ufaransa wamejaa weusi? na hili si jambo kabisa la kulinganisha kwani mazingira ya michezo na ya U-miss ni vitu viwili tofauti kabisa, U-miss una maadili yake. kwenye michezo unashindana na mchezo ndiyo maana ananunuliwa mwana michezo toka nchi fulani kwenda kucheza nchi nyingine. Je anaweza akanunuliwa mrembo kutoka nchi nyingine ili aiwakilishe nchi hiyo iliyo mnunua kwenye mashindano ya U-miss? ni dhahiri haiwezekani. kwa nini? maadili.U-miss ni yule binadamu alivyo kwa maumbile, akili pamoja na asili yake ofcourse kuna mavazi n.k.
    Tatu: Kuna Uzawa na Urai ndani ya taifa. Je waandaaji wa Miss wanatumia vigezo gani katika hayo? Waliweke bayana hili swala ili kusiwe mtafaruku.
    Nne: Na wale wasioweza lugha ya kizungu (siyo yao)lakini wanaweza kujieleza kwa ufasaha sana na kwa upeo mkubwa kwa lugha yao nasifa zingine za U-miss pia wanazo. Je,kutojua kizungu nikikwazo?

  41. Mwali Says:

    Tehe tehe inamaana huyo ni muasia mwenye asili ya kitanzania? thubutu!! Shaaban robert hata mimi nimesoma miaka ya 80 tena enzi hizo ubaguzi ulikuwepo kweli kweli! Waacheni watanzania halisi waseme wanavyo kerwa navyo. wenyewe huko kwao wana slogan inayo sema India is for Indians . Tusiwe watu wa kusimplify mambo kwa watu kama hao ndio maana dada zetu wanazidisha mikorogo wakidhan kuwa mweupe unakuwa na thamani

  42. antindians Says:

    Na washiriki wengine walikuwa bure ndio maana huyu dada wa kihindi alishinda. Ukiangalia hiyo picha waliopiga pamoja, dada wa kushoto naona amezidisha mkorogo. Mshiriki kama huyo asingeruhusiwa kushiriki maana anajizalilisha na kutuzalilisha Watanzania. Si wapendi wahindi kutokana na tabia zao chafu lakini Richa i wish u all the best.

  43. HH MWERA Says:



  44. mdebwedo Says:

    Nadhani sasa hivi integration ni bab kubwa. Hivi nyie jamaa huyu binti akikutaka penzi utakataa kisa mdosi au unajidai uzalendo ?

  45. Msanii Says:

    Kwa kweli hili suala si rahisi hata kidogo. Ila kabla ya kusema lolote ni lazima nisisitize kwamba ubaguzi wa rangi ni jambo baya sana. Watu tuishio ughaibuni tunafahamu kwa undani madhara ya ubaguzi wa rangi kwa sababu ndio maisha yetu ya kila siku. Kwa mantiki hii, sitakubaliana na watu wanaodadisi uhalali wa huyo dada kushinda. Lakini ikumbukwe kwamba ubaguzi wa rangi unategemea sana ni nani aliye juu na nani aliye chini. Hii ndio tofauti kati ya ubaguzi wa nchi za magharibi na ule wa nchi za kiafrika kama vile Tanzania au Afrika Kusini. Ni ukweli kwamba watanzania wengi wenye asili ya kihindi wako juu kiuchumi na kimaendeleo ukifaninisha na wabantu. Hivyo basi, ingawa wao ni wachache, hata kama tulio wengi tutawabagua, hawaathiriki sana na madhara ya ubaguzi. Ni kweli kwamba watanzania wenye asili ya kihindi wanaishi katika jamii zao wenyewe zisizowashirikisha watu weusi. Hivi ndivyo historia ya jamii hiyo ilivyojengeka. Huwezi ukatumia kigezo hiki kudadisi uzalendo. Kuna familia nyingi za kibantu ambazo watoto wao wamekuzwa kwa kiingereza. Kiswahili wanachoongea ni cha kubahatisha mitaani tu. Hivi kama mmoja wao angeshinda hilo taji, tungedadisi uzalendo wao?
    Hivyo basi, kwa kuwa mashindano haya ni ya kitaifa na si ya kiasili, mimi sioni kipingamizi kwa huyo dada kushiriki. Kuuliza kama utanzania wake ni “asili” au la sio suala la mjadala.

  46. john Says:

    Kuna watu wanaogopa kuwa kweli katika swala zima na badala yake wanajifanya dipromasia wa kutupia kisogo ukweli?hivi swala U-MISS amlioni kuwa ni la NATIONALY IDENTITY?ndio kusema kuwa Nancy Sumari au Tausi wangezaliwa India kutoka kwa wazazi wahamiaji wangepewa U-Miss India? sasa ukweli kuwa huyu miss Kinondoni hakustahili lakini sio kosa lake bali wahandaaji wa shindano hawakuweka wazi nani na sifa zipi za kuhingia.
    (2)kama mtakumbuka enzi zile za Gymkhana Club kama wewe GOLO haurusiwi kuhingia!wenzetu wenye asili ya kidosi wanapenda kujibagua na kuwabagua wazawa weusi.
    huu ni ukweli mselete dipromasia sizio na kichwa wala miguu
    (3)Ndio mnataka kusema kuwa waindi huwa wanabaguliwa na wao sio wabaguzi?

  47. babaz Says:

    Napenda kuchukua nafasi kumpongeza binti mzuri. Mtanzania mwenye asili ya Kiasia. Nadhani hii ndio inafaa zaidi kuliko kumuita Mhindi(Hindustan) maana yeye hana urahia wa India. Binti Hongera sana. Ila napenda kuchukua nafasi hii kukupa ushauri huu. Nadhani umeona haya maneno mengi yaliyosemwa hapo juu na wa-Tanzania wenzio ambao sidhani kama wanakuchukia, bali wanakerwa na mambo yanayofanywa na wa-Tanzania wenzetu wenye asili ya Ki-Asia, sana sana wale wenye asili ya India ambayo kwa upande mmoja au mwingine yanadhihirisha kuwa ni ubaguzi kwa wa-Tanzania wenzio wenye asili ya Kibantu. Kwahiyo wewe kama KIOO CHA JAMII napenda uwe balozi mzuri katika jamii yetu ya ki-Tanzania na kuwaelemimisha wa-Tanzania wenzetu wenye asili kama yako waondokane na dhana chafu walizo nazo za kibaguzi. Offcourse mi kwa sasa nakaa India na najua ubaguzi wa hapa jinsi ulivyo mbaya na jinsi unavyokera hasa kwa mtu mwenye ngozi nyeusi. Lakini siwezi kukuhukumu wewe kwani we sio HINDUSTAN. We ni Mtanzania, ingawa sidhani kama ungelikuwa hapa India ungelibaguliwa kama mimi m-Tanzania mwenzio. lol!

    Ila achana na mambo ya hapa India maana hapa tunaongelea juu ya Tanzania na watu wake.

    Nadhani serikari ya Tanzania inabidi itoe elimu ya uraia kwa watu wake. Lazima watu wajue nini maana ya kuwa Mtanzania. Utanzania sio kuwa m-Bantu. Nchi yetu ilishabadirika siku nyingi tangu enzi zile mababu zetu wameruhusu Asians hasa Persians(Arabs) na Indian kuingia nchini kwentu na kujiweka mizizi) so kwa wakati huu nao ni wazawa. Mtu ambaye si mzawa ni yule mhamiaji(Migrant) na nadhani serikari yetu inazo sheria za kumpa mipaka mhamiaji. Ila m-Tanzania mwenye asilia ya India kama si mhamiaji basi yeye ni mzawa na ana haki ya kushiriki jambo lolote.

    Ila hapa India is worse kuwa mgeni na kuwa mtu mweusi. Wao offcourse wana mambo yao hapa. Kizazi chao hakijachanganyika sana kama sisi, so wao wanajiona kama ni wao tu, so wanapoona mtu wa sehemu nyingine kwa njia moja au nyingine lazima watambagua. Kwanza wao kwa wao wanabaguana. Nadhani mmesikia juu ya caste zao mbalimbali. Zimejaa ubaguzi. Pia kama mhindi ametoka South India, ambao wao ni weusi kiasi fulani ubaguliwa. So India kusema kweli ni WABAGUZI bila kubisha.

    Sasa je ndio hayo hayo wa-Tanzania wenzetu wenye asilia ya India wanatuletea sisi wenyewe asilia ya Bantu. Je wanataka Tanzania iwe kama India? Je tuanze wanyima urahia watu wenye asili ya Asia?J e tuanze wakatalia pangisha katika nyumba zetu? Je tuanze waita majina yasiofaa kama wao watuitavyo sisi? Je tuwakatalie wasicheze katika viwanja vyetu? Je tujaribu wagonga kwa magali yetu? Je tuwatenge kama wao wajitengavyo? Maana haya ndio niyaonayo India na ni yale yale ndugu zetu wanatufanyia Tanzania.

    Mengi ninayoyaona hapa India na ni yale yale unayaona yanatokea kwa wa-Tanzania wenzetu wenye asili ya Asia wakiwafanyia wa-Tanzania wenzao wenye asili ya Kibantu. So inabidi wa-Tanzania wenye asili ya ki-Hindi wabadirike, la sivyo jamii itazidi kupata hasira na mengi mabaya tutayaona hapo mbeleni. Maana ni mbaya mfano kwa mtu ambaye amekaa India na ameona ubaguzi wa hali ya juu ukimtokea hapa, then arudi nyumbani akute the same SHIT happening. Hapo itakuwa mtafutano. So wa-Tanzania wenzangu bila jali kabila, dini, rangi au chochote kile tusaidiane kuelimishana. Tuanchane na Ubaguzi. Ila lazima tujue endapo tutatoka nje ya TANZANIA iyo lazima iwe isiwe tutabaguliwa tu. This world isn’t fair at all. Ila nyumbani ni nyumbani bwana iweje nibaguliwe nyumbani kwangu kabisaa? Kutawaka moto!

    Binti songa mbele usikate tamaa. Nadhani hii inakupa changamoto na unapata kazi ya kufanya kwa Wa-Watanzania. TOKOMEZA UBAGUZI. Elimisha watu. Wajue nini maana ya ubinadamu. Watu waondokane na dhana ya kujitenga, ya kunyanyasa, ya kuwafanyia unyama wenzao, kuwatumikisha kazi za kijinga. Mi ninasema yote haya sababu nimeishafanya kazi na wa-Tanzania wenzangu wenye asili ya India na nawajua kabisa jinsi wanavyowafanyia unyama wa kijinga watu wa asili ya BANTU. Sasa huu ndio wakati wa kuvunja UKIMYA HUU. SO LETS BREAK THE SILENCE na tutokomeze ubaguzi. Binti fanya kazi.

    Yafanyike haya.
    1. Mambo mengi yanatakiwa fanyanyike kwa nguvu moja kwa faida ya watanzania wote. Michezoni watu waingie si kwa manufaa yao binafsi bali kwa manufaa ya taifa zima.
    2.Serikarini watu waingie kwa manufaa ya taifa na si kwa manufaa yao binafsi.
    3.Michezo kama CRICKET, RUGBY, GLF ifundishwe kwa watu wote si kwa wa-Tanzania wenye asili fulani.
    3.U-miss Tanzania pia ushirikishe wa-Tanzania wote bila jali rangi.
    3. Kila m-Tanzania achukue nafasi ya kuitangaza Tanzania. Ni aibu kuona Tanzania aijulikani sehemu mbalimbali. Tunazidiwa na majirani wenzetu wa-Kenya. So kila mtu mwenye uraia wa Tanzania anayo haki ya kuiwakilisha nchi yake katika ngazi yoyote ya kimataifa na nchi yetu itapata jina zaidi na heshima zaidi.

    Naomba kuishia hapa!

    RICHA Karibu India! lol

    Mungu ibariki TANZANIA, na WATU WAKE.

  48. babaz Says:

    Ndugu Wa-Tanzania wenzangu,

    Napenda chukua nafasi hii tena kusema yafuatato. Niliweza toa maoni pitia na nika-copy the same comments hapa. Baada ya kusoma comments za watu walio tangulia napenda kusema yafuatayo tena.

    Watu wameongelea juu ya Tanzanians wenye asili ya India kuwa wabaguzi. Ni kweli hawa watu ni wabaguzi. Kila mtu aliyefanya kazi kwa watanzania wa namna hii ataweza kuwa shahidi tosha.

    Na pia ni kweli hawa jamaa hawana uchungu na nchi yetu. Na hii si Tanzania pekee, bali ni kila nchi walipo Indians( iwe Africa, Europe au America au popote pale), hawa watu ni kama watafutaji na pia kama wapita njia. Wakiingia nchi fulani offcourse watakuta sheria za nchi fulani, na watajaribu kutafuta njia rahisi ya kuwawezesha wao waishi pale. Wataomba uraia, mtawapa uraia, watafanya wanachotaka kufanya then mambo yakikaa sawa watatafuta usawa wa kusonga mbele. Lakini kumbuka mali zote watazipeleka huko kwao. Nani anabisha? Nenda sehemu za Chandigher hapa India utaona ni jinse gani hawa jamaa walivyochuma huko na kuja kufanya mambo ya jabu katika miji yao. Wameujenga mji wao ingawa wao binafsi hawakai hapo. Si Chandighar pekee ni miji kadhaa jamaa wamefanya hivyo. Siwalaumu kwa hilo. Nadhani wao ni wajanja na sisi inabidi tujifunze kwao. Kama sisi ni watanzania na tukaamua enda sehemu zingine tukaona pale twaweza tengeneza pesa, basi tufanye kazi vyovyote vile vile ila tujue kwamba hela yetu tuirudishe Tanzania na kuijenga Tanzania yetu. Msitegemee Mhindi atakuja wajengea Tanzania au Mzungu. Hawa jamaa wata-set office zao zitakazowasaidia wao kutengeneza pesa na wakishatafuna vya kutosha watachomoka na kuangalia usawa mbele. Ukija India utashangaa India inakua kiuchumi, inakua kiuchumi. Unandhani pesa inatoka wapi? Kwa hawa hawa jamaa walio katika nchi za watu. Wanajitahidi waikuze India yao iwe kama sehemu nyingine kubwa dunia hii. Offcourse sisi Tanzanian were so blind tangu siku nyingi kiaisi kwamba haya mambo hata ukiyaongelea utaonekana mzushi. Ila ukweli ndio huo. Indian yeye atabaki kuwa Indian.

    Kwanza msishangae kuhusu wao kujitenga. This is how they are. Sema labda sisi tulishindwa weka mikakati tangu zamani ya ku-control movement za hawa watu ndio maana tukawa overloaded na hawa jamaa mpaka kiasi kwamba wanaweza kuwa rich people wa hapa, na sasa politicians n.k. Nchi kama hapa India baba ni noma. Kwanza we mtu mweusi uje uupate uraia wa hapa utalia. Pili hata ukiupata hata siku moja don’t expect kuwa treated the same as they are. We angali sisi wenyewe tuko hapa jamaa hawa watutenga. Hawataki kaa karibu na sisi. Sometime waenda tafuta nyumba ya kukaa akikiuona mweusi yani anavyokukatalia ni noma. Sasa ngoja niwachekeshe. Siku moja rafiki yangu Congolese anatafuta nyumba karibu na mtaa wangu. Sasa yeye English kidogo tabu akaniomba nimsaidie. Tunafika kwa Property Dealer, nje kabisa Kibao cha Office kimeandikwa “Properties Dealers” na jamaa anahusika na kutafutia watenja nyumba, eh ile naingia hata sijasema ninachokitaka jamaa ananiambia “No Vi don’t provide”. Namuuliza vipi kwani nyie sio properties Dealers? anakataa “No, Vi are not”. Ila natoka nje namuuliza jamaa mwingine anasema ni pale pale nilipotoka. Offcourse niliumia sana ila uzalendo ulinishinda na nilirudi ndani na kuwapa kubwa jamaa. Hafu jamaa wenyewe madingi watu wazima kabisa. Siku nyingine jamaa wataka tugomba na magari yao. Siku nyingine waenda Club kujirusha ah wakataliwa kisa mweusi. Sasa njoo street jinsi unavyoitwa majina ya kisenge kisenge. Mara “sabsiiii”, mara “kaluu” n. k kama wanavyojua wao. Yani usenge usenge. Ila me siku hizi ninawaweza. Nawapiga dole na kuwaambia “benkirola mazachotii”

    Sasa njoo swala la madada zao. Ohoo ni noma baba. Sijawahi ona jamaa wana wivu. Wao wamefundishwa hivi “unaweza olewa au olewa na mhindi mwenzako” mweusi na mzungu ni kitu kichafu kwao. Ila wanaruhusu mvulana kuwa na mahusiano na msichana mweusi au mzungu. Na kusema kweli madada zetu waliokuwa hapa lol “mambo wametoa kwa wadosi.. ha ha ha ha” ila sasa binti baba ni noma. Hawezi kamwe kuwa na bwana mweusi. Cha kuchekesha siku moja jamaa kaona Totoz moja wakati ameenda cheza kikapu, dah si jamaa kaipenda ile anaitokea unajua inamwambiaje? “Remember I am white and you are black so we can’t be together” Jamaa ikabidi atukane tuu maana aliona demu anamzingua. Sasa hapa mademu wengine wanapenda kweli blacks ila shida iko kwa makaka zao. AU tuseme wanaume kwa ujumla. Wakuona na binti wa kihindi mmeongozana yani wanaweza wakakuvamia wakakupiga au ukaitiwa police mfano wamemkuta binti ndani ya nyumba yako au mwenye nyumba akakufukuza kwenye nyumba yake. Offcourse huwezi kosa mabinti wa kihindi wale wajanja. Wapo ila ndio hivyo jiandae kwa lolote. Pia inabidi iwe siri. Hamuwezi ile mkawa mnajiachia kama wao wanavyojiachia. Inabidi binti aje kwako usiku kwa kujificha. Mchana kama vipi mnaweza hata mkapitana kama hamjuani. Na wanapenda kweli mambo ila sasa ndio hivyo baba ikijulikana au mwenyewe akakugeuka siku moja ukawii pewa kesi ya kubaka na hapo jiandae kutoa bingo kibao au ndio uingie jela. Kwa ujumla hii ni DUNIA NYINGINE. Thats why jamaa kibao huamua kiukimbia nchi yao ya uzawa na kwenda tafuta maisha sehemu nyingine. Lakini kumbuka hawajasahau kabisa walikotoka. Kila baada ya muda watakuja kuhiji makwao. Ninao rafiki zangu wa kindi waishio Tanzania na huwa wanakuja India kutembea walikotoka ingawa wao ni Watanzania. Embu niwaulize Mchaga ataacha kwenda Moshi kila baada ya muda flani kuhiji? Basi ndio kwa hawa ndugu zetu.

    Kwahiyo sisi inabidi tusiwalaumu sana kwa ambayo wameyafanya maana ni tabia yao tangu zamani bali twaweza yakemea na wakabadirika na kuwa kitu kingine. Kama kweli wao ni Tanzanians, iwe kwa kuzaliwa au kwa kupata uraia wa kuomba basi wafanye vitu kwa mapenzi ya Tanzania. Pia sheria yetu lazima iwe wazi kwa wahamiaji na kwa wazawa(iwe mzawa Mbantu au mzawa Mhindi). Kila mtu ajue wajibu wake kwa taifa na mipaka yake pia. Pia serikari inabidi iiangalie mikataba ya makampuni ya hawa jamaa zetu maana mara nyingi wao hata kama hutoa ajira angalia jinsi vyeo walivyojipatia patia. Kwanini hakuna proportionality ya kazi katika kampuni za hawa jamaa? Kumbuka wako ni minority hapa iwezje Mbantu ndo awe anafanya kazi za kishenzi shenzi tuuu? Mi nilishawahi fanya kazi kwa Mhindi hapo Bongo kama mtaalamu wa Computer. Siku umeme ukawa umekatika “Which means computer hazifanyi kazi eti ananiambia “(“jina langu” sasa kwasababu umeme hakuna twende ukawasaidie jamaa kubeba mizigo” Mizigo yenyewe ni makabati, mameza toka kwenye nyumba moja kwenda nyingine. Wafanyakazi wenyewe wanaobebeshwa ni madereva wa magari yao makubwa, wafanyakazi wa ndani na walinzi. Lakini kumbuka mshahara hauongezeki. Ah mi kusema kweli mbishi bwana nilimbishia jamaa kwamba siwezi, na jamaa alipoona ninaweza wajanjarusha wale wafanyakazi wengine jamaa aliniomba msamaha na akaniambia nikae ofisini kwangu. hakutaka nikutnane na wafanyakazi wengine. Iwezje niajiliwe kwa kazi za ofisi baadaye nifanyishwe kibarua bwanaaa? eh. uhuu ni usenge. Hafu serikari ipo tu inaangalia hata haiwafuatilii hawa jamaa. Mi nafikiri labda tungekuwa wabaguzi kama wazungu au hata hawa wazungu tangu mwanzo tungekuwa juu sisi wenyewe kwa nguvu zetu maana hawa jamaa wasingapata nafasi ya kijichimbia mizizi katika jamii yetu na sasa tungeulilia u-Tanzania wetu halisi. Ila sasa ni too late. Hii hali imetokea miaka kibao tangu babu zetu walipowalegezea wa-Arabs, Indians na Wazungu. Sasa Hawa wagenii ndio sio wageni tena. Waishakuwa more than wageni na sasa ni wenyeji “Wazawa” na wao ndio matawi ya juu na wao ndio waiendeshayo serikari yetu, uchumi wetu nakadharika. Sasa tutabisha nini? Kama tangu zamani tungewabagua hawa watu tungeijenga nchi yetu kwa kuwa tungekuwa na machungu na nchi yetu. Sasa utakuwaje na machungu ya nchi yako wakati hawa jamaa wenye pesa wanaokunyonya kila siku wenyewe hawana uchungu na nchi yako? Haiwezekani bwana tunadanganyana. Cha muhimu ni sisi kuliona hili ni tatizo. Kumbuka hatuwezi wakana hawa jamaa maana ni ndugu zetu na pia ni wa_tanzania wenzetu, so wana haki kama watanzania. Ila labda inabidi tuyakemee mambo yao ya kisenge wanayoyafanya na wabadirike. Me kusema kweli siwachukii, na I hope hawanichukii pia. Ila kama, nasema kama jamaa hawa watanizingua yani kusema kweli sijui itakuwaje. Patakuwa padogo. Kwanza kulingana na mahasira ninayoyapata nikiwa hapa India. Natamani ningeliwafukuza kama Idd Amin. Ila sasa siwezi na pia sheria za kimataifa zitanibana.

    Lakini hii isiwe kigezo cha kumuhukumu Binti yetu mrembo-Recha. Nadhani huu ni wakati wa kumtumia Recha katika kutoa elimu ya ubaguzi kwa watu wa jamii yake na kwa watanzania kwa ujumla. Naaamini anaweza kuwa balozi mzuri.

    Kumbuka wahindi wanalalamika sana wao wanavyobaguliwa sehemu nyingine za dunia. Kumbuka kipindi kile cha BIG Brother UK- Shilpa Shetty alivyofanyiwa. India nzima watu walilalamika juu ya wao kubaguliwa. Lakini wao hata siku moja hutasikia wakisema wao ni wabaguzi. Juzi juzi kuna mwanamziki mweusi toka UK (anaitwa Simon Webbe-he is a POP singer) amekuja hapa India kufanya shows yani huwezi amini jamaa walivyomfanyia alipokuwa aki-perform on stage. Alianza rushiwa chupa kiasi kwamba jamaa akashidwa endelea na show. Mobb Deep from US walifanyiwa dharau mbaya pia. Yani ujinga ujinga ujinga hapa.

    Sasa angalia kitu hiki ingawa nyie hamuwezi kijua. Kusema kweli India kusoma habari za za watu weusi (hata wafanye mema vipi) kwenye magazeti yao ni ndoto. Nimekuwa nikisoma magazeti yao tangu zamani. Kipindi cha kombe la Dunia na matukio mengine ya kimataifa mfano Kricket, Music n.k wataandika habari za mtu mweupe tu. Hutawahi sikia sijui wamemuandika mchezaji wa timu fulani ambaye ni mweusi. Wao wataandika mzungu au Mmarekani/Muingereza mwenye asili ya India. Watu wachache utakaowasikia labda sana sana huku ni Beyonce, Willy Smith, Halle Belly na Opra. Basi. Wengine sahahu. Sasa ukija kwa habari za Africa ndio kabisa sahahu.

    Mi nadhani sisi Africans (especially Black People tunahitaji kuyaangalia haya mambo katika mtazamo mpya) offcourse hatutakiwi kuwa wabaguzi ila lazima tujue tunabaguliwa popote dunia hii. Mkitaka amini nyie tokeni nje ya Tanzania ndio mtaamini kwamba ngozi nyeusi yabaguliwa hadi sasa. Sasa tunahitaji jiwekea heshima yetu wenyewe. Magazeti yetu yajazwe habari za weusi wenzetu. Sisi tujitangaze. Iwe mweusi wa ndani ya africa au nje ya africa. Tujitangaze na tupende mila zetu na rangi zetu. Tuandike magazeti yanaowaonyesha watu maarufu weusi. Wasiootupenda hakuna kuwapa shavu maana hawa hawa ndio wasaliti. kama wakija nchini kwetu tutawakaribisha bila kuwadhuru ila tusiwape nafasi ya kujepenyeza katika jamii zetu na kutufanya sisi tuwaabudu. Angalia jinsi waarabu, wahindi, wazungu walivyotuteka akili kiasi kwamba twaona yetu hayafai. Wao ndio matawi ya juu sisi tuko chini. Kwanza wahindi na waarabu ilitakiwa wawe vibarua nchini kwetu kama sisi tunavyokuwa sometimes vibarua katika nchi zao. Sasa iweje sisi ndio tuwe vibarua wao katika nchi zetu? Hii ndio what we call “SLAVE IN YOUR OWN COUNTRY”

    Anyway ni mambo mengi ya kusema. Na nayasema haya simaanishi tuwe wabaguzi. Maana hii sio karne ya ubaguzi. Ila lazima watu wajue what we are facing as black people and lets BREACK THE SILECNCE”

    Naomba tuendelee kumpa nguvu huyu dada yetu na kama mambo yakaenda poa akashinda katika hatuza za mbele na akaiwakilisha nchi yetu kimataifa na akashinda nadhani itakuwa sifa kwetu sote. Offcourse watu wa hapa India watasema sana juu ya hilo, Ndio hivyo wako proud na damu yao. lol! Maana Sunita William (Mhindi mmarekani-mwanamke wa kwanza kuweka rechords ya kukaa on space kwa muda mrefu) amekuwa maarufu hapa India maana kila kukicha habari zilikuwa ni juu yake na walikuwa wanamsifia kama mhindi mwenzao na kama shujaa kwao. Wapo wengine kama Sanjaya alikuwa katika American Idol naye ilikuwa balaa ingawa na mmarekani mwenye asili ya Kihindi. So nadhani na kwa dada yetu hapo watapata kujisifia kama Mtanzania mwenye asili ya Kihindi, na wataendelea dhihirisha kuwa wao ndio wazuri wa dunia. (jamani mnaona hapo ilivyo complicated? lol). Sisi tutajisifia vipi? Kwamba ni ni mtanzania mwenzetu na ameitangaza Tanzania. Achilia mbali of what they gonna say here in India. Sisi tutasonga bwana. Na inawezekana kwanza yeye Recha akawa anapingana na wahindi wenzake wenye mambo ya kishenzi na hata wahindi wa hapa India. So tumuombee awe na moyo safi na afanye kazi yenye mafanikio.

    Mi nina rafiki yangu mmoja kwa asili ni mhindi ila sema kweli hawapendi whindi wa hapa India. Kwanza anasema wachafu, wana wivu nakadharika. lol.


    Sory kwa maneno mengi naomba ishia hapa.


    RECHA, karibu INDIA….lol

  49. Makini Says:

    Hamna la maaana linalo semwa hapa ni Urembo urembo na ubaguzi kati ya jamii ya namna moja na nyingine.

    Wekeni mambo ya maana yenye kujenga Taifa.

    Tunataka Interview na Gavana wa Tanzania pamoja na Ditopile kuona ni jinsi gani wanaweza kuishi kwa uhuru huku ikiwa wazi ni wezi na wahuaji wakubwa.


  50. calamela Says:

    Hongera dada,je ukotayari kuipigania Tanzania au unataka kwenda kuonekana kuwana wewe nimtanzania kwakujiita bila vitendo vitakavyo onyesha kuwa wewe ni mtanzania,
    Watanzania wenzangu nanyi fumbueni macho msiwe kama fipofu ubanguzi mpaka leo bado upo kila sehemu sitanzania peke yake,kusema kweli hastahili kutuwakilisha kwenye miss world akiwa kama muhindi anaejiita mtanzania.

  51. dj tom in japan Says:

    nimekemea ubaguzi hapo juu,ok acha watanzania watoe dukuduku zao walizo nazo kwa ngugu zetu wa kihindi,namuunga mkono jamaa hapo juu aliosema kila mchimba shimo huingia mwenyewe,wahindi walianza wenyewe kutubagua na matokeo yake binti yao anakuwa victim of the circumstance na inabidi yeye awe barozi mzuri wa kuionyesha jamii mpya ya kitanzania kuwa wahindi wameamua kubadilika na kujichangaya na jamii yetu….ok we kabinti umesikia?
    tumekusamehe go on baby wakilisha!!!!
    dj tom in japan…mtanzania wiye bwanaaaa

  52. Miss kinondoni Fan. Says:

    HH MWERA: unataka kujua kabila yangu???Mi ni msomali, mwhindi, mwafrica , mzungu, mchina na baado..Kiswahili changu haina uhusiano na mawazo yangu..Kama haunielewa hasara kwako..loh inaonyesha vipi wivu inakuchoma..loh Hauna lolote,wivu tu.. pole sana..

  53. xxx Says:

    Richa usijali wanachosema, watasema mchana eeh, usiku watalala..

  54. A l i a Says:

    Richa waonyeshe damu yako ya Kipemba inavochemka. Na wajue kama umepata nafasi hii basi utaitumia kuwakilisha wanawake wa Tanzania. Ila nakupa nasaha ukishinda kuna watoto wanawake wa mji alozaliwa mamako Pemba uwakumbuke na hiyo ndio itakua Ngao yako itakayokulinda na kunuinua daima na milele kwani mcheza kwao hutunzwa, japo hutotunzwa huko basi wengine watajua ubinadamu wako – Be strong Girlyyyy and you will make it…

  55. hassan ngonyani Says:

    Kwa kweli watanzania ni wenzangu lazima tuelewe kwamba, Mtanzania hatambuliwi kwa rangi yake, kabila lake,lugha yake na wala maubile yake.

    Ushindi wa huyo dada ni kielelezo tosha ndani na hata nje ya nchi yetu kuwa Tanzania ni Taifa linaloongozwa kwakuzingatia haki na usawa kwa wananchi wake. Kwa maana hiyo ni nchi inayozingatia mambo yafuatyo:-
    i.Binadamu wote ni sawa, kwani kila mtu
    anastahili kuthaminiwa na kutambuliwa utu wake.
    ii.Kila mtu anayo haki ya kuishi mahali popote na
    kwa uhuru bila ya kubughudhiwa/ kubaguliwa na
    mtu yoyote ilimradi asivunje sheria zilizo
    wekwa na mamlaka zinazo husika.

    Mwisho naomba tufuate na kunzi enzi falsa za Hayati baba wa Taifa letu kuhusu kuheshimu na kujali utu wa kila mtu.

    Hongera sana dada Richa.

  56. hassan ngonyani Says:

    Ninapinga kwa kutumia busara na hekima zangu zote nilizojaliwa na maulana kuhusiana na suala zima la ubaguzi wa aina yoyote ule. Vitabu vyote vitakatifu vinaeleza kwa ufasaha kuhusu asili ya kizazi chetu ni ADAMU na HAWA/EVE.Sasa kwanini tubaguane?

    Mtu kuzaliwa Mzungu au Mwafrika ni mipango na mapenzi yake ALLAH.Sisi ni watu wa familia moja.


  57. JOHN Says:

    Hivi Karume anaonekana kama mhindi vile?Seif Sharif anaokana kama mwarabu sijui wana identity ya wanzibari?Salim Ahmed Salim alikuwa waziri wa mambo ya nje waziri mkuu mbona hamkusema mwarabu?Mwalimu alimchagua kuwa waziri mkuu alienda nchi za nje je huko hakumwmabia wewe mwarabu?Hivi hivi u miss na uwaziri mkuu ipi kikubwa?kwenda kuwakilisha nchi katika masaula muhimu ya kitaifa au kwenda kuwakilisha nchi katika mashindano ya vichupi kipi kukubwa???
    Hivi tunabishana nani atuwakilishe kwenye mashindano ya vichupi huyo ana sema mweusi mwingine mwesi!!Nini Ujinga mtupo>kwani ameshachaguliwa kuwa Miss Tanzania?Tunabihsania binti mwenyewe ni Miss kinondoni.

  58. ANONYMOUS Says:


  59. Emanuel Says:

    TUSIDANGANYIKE HATA KIDOGO WAHINDI HAWABADILIKI NA MTOTO WA NYOKA NI NYOKA!katika sakata zima la binti huyu !Ukweli ni kuwa hawezi kutuwakilisha nje kama
    MISS TANZANIA,bali atakapofanikiwa huko nje atajitangaza kuwa :- SHE IS INDIAN BORN IN TANZANIA!
    na atakubalika katika jamii za so called ASIA OR EAST AFRICAN INDIA COMMUNITY! tusijidanganye kabisa kuwa ni mwenzetu hata siku moja nyoka ageuki kondoo

  60. PAPA EDU Says:


  61. Baraka Says:

    Mimi mtanzania tena mweusi kama mpingo!
    Haya mambo ya ubaguzi yameanza lini hapa nchini kwetu?
    Mhindi akiisaidia yanga au simba watanzania hawaulizi kama ni mtanzania halisi.
    mtoto mwenye rangi ya kihindi,wazazi wake wamezaliwa tanzania yeye kazaliwa tanzania akishinda kwenye miss watu wanaanza makelele.

  62. fatma Says:

    Nakujibu Baraka.
    unauliza mambo ya ubaguzi yameanza lini hapa?ndugu,ubaguzi mbona ulikuwapo tangu zamani,lakini hakuwapo katika ya weusi kwa weusi kwani weusi waliweza kufunda hata ndoa katika makabila tofouti!bali kasheshe kwa hawa ndugu zetu WAHINDI ni wabaguzi hile mbaya,kuanzia katika msikiti yao GOLO harusiwi,usijaribu wakakuta na dada yao umekwisha,katika shule walitaka kuwa na zao lakini Baba wa taifa waliwapiga stop!hata watoto wao hawarusiwi kucheza cheza na watoto wa golo.
    sema wewe baraka ubaguzi huu ujawahi kuhuona kwa labda ulikuwa kwenye sehemu kijijini ambako wahindi hawapo.

  63. Baraka Says:

    Nawajua wahindi walioolewa na waswahili na wahindi waliooa waswahili japokua sio wengi.
    Halafu nikauliza kwanini huyu innocent gal ambaye hakuchagua kuzaliwa Tanzania japokua ana damu ya kihindi.
    Na kama kwenye interview alivyojibu maswali.

    Kwanini wale wahindi wampira ambao hatuanzi kusema kwamba sio watanzania?
    Inamaana mhindi akisaidia jamii yakitanzania ndio keshakua mtanzania halisi lakini msichana wa miaka 19 akishinda kuwa miss kinondoni ndio tunaanza kushika mabango ya urangi?

    Kwanza kama ni hivyo basi natumfukuze na Zakhia sijui Meghji kwanza.
    Mwanamke wa kihindi ambaye ameitumikia serikali wa wabongorangi kwa miaka sasa.

  64. Mwali Says:

    Emanuel unaakili sana nimependa comments zako na wewe uliye chandigar sasa hivi wenzio tuliotangulia huko miaka ya tisini hali ilikuwa mbaya sana kuliko sasa. Wahindi wa mpira wana sponsor kwa kuficha dhambi zao behind mpira. Siku zote Mdosi ni rafiki wa mradi hawezi kuwa karibu na wewe hivi hivi mradi ukiisha na wenyewe wanaanza. Angalia viongozi wote waliohongwa wakiwa madarakani walipoondoka madarakani wanvyo toswa kama hawawajui na wanadhalilika katika nchi yaowenyewe. Amkeni msijivike usamaria wema wakati ukweli upo waazi kabisa. Mtu anayekuthamini kwa ajili ya kitu achana naye

  65. say Says:

    mi nimependa hilo tambara lake la umiss alilolivaa upside down!

  66. Ney Says:

    Jamani, mie sina ubaguzi, na nafikiri msichana ni mrembo, lakini honestly, ningefurahia vizuri kama ngozi nyeusi ingeshinda. kwasababu naona ina wakilisha vizuri zaidi hata bila ya kuuliza. Mfano, bila kusoma taji au kuambiwa yeye ni kutokea wapi, utafikiria ametokea continet nyingine. But ndio kesha shinda na Nyerere mwenyewe alisema tuwatambue kama wenzetu.. So yeye ni mwenzetu na alikuwa na kila haki ya kushiriki na kushinda. All the best gal!! As long as una represent Tanzania, who cares? Go ahead, and Let TZ be heard!

  67. Rashid Says:

    Mabishano na malumbano ya nini?Mwambieni apake mashizi malumbano yaishe!Simple easy

  68. shake Says:

    Jamani ok inabid tukubaliane na hali ila mi naona kama hawa wenzetu niwa binafsi.Kwa mfano ktk maduka yao sie wanatuchukua kama walinzi tu.
    Ila tunamuomba alibebe taji letu kama mtz na akalitangaze jina la tz.
    Ila mie nina wasiwasi

  69. shakila Says:

    Ninachomtakia Richa ni kututangaza vizuri watt wa JK mambo ya ubaguzi wanatakiwa watafakari kwann sisi hatuwabagui na niwachahe hapa kwetu?
    Ninauhakika atakuwa amejivisha mabomu ya kuitangaza TZ

  70. andrew Says:

    We dont know nothing bout racism, we love you miss

  71. Aisha Says:

    kwa kweli mimi nimefanya kazi na wahindi miaka 7, hawa jamaa ni wabaguzi sana, kila kitu wanajua wao, shule wameenda wao tu, mishahara mikubwa ni wao tu wanastahili, hata kama una degree na mhindi hana bosi bado atakuwa yeye hata kama wewe ndio unamwelekeza kazi, yaani kila kitu ni wao tu. Honestly i dont like indians, wanachangia kuendeleza ubaguzi tu hapa kwetu warudi kwao india.

  72. k Says:

    Jamani Wabongo acheni kuwa “Haters” Huyo apo mmeshaambiwa ni mbongo, na amezaliwa hapahapa T.Z Bado wabishi tu… Tangu lini na sisi tumekuwa wabaguzi wa rangi??

  73. balancer Says:

    wanao sema huyo binti ni mtanzania haya mi sina la kusema,si kazaliwa tanzania bwana,lakini hamuwajuwi wahindi walivyo kama mgewajuwa wahindi walivyo msingesema yote hayo…ni wabaguzi hata mungu anajuwa hilo…..watu weusi kwao ni takataka kabisa..miaka 16 sasa nafanya nao kazi nawajuwa kama mavi tangu…..wapo smart sana kujitetea na kujenga hoja..huwezi kuwashinda kabisa lakini ndani ya mioyo yao wanajuwa sisi ni nani kwao…..wanazo shule zao waswahili ni marufuku na wana sababu zao za uongo sana,mfano shule ipo kurasini ni watoto wa kihindi tu…bei za bidhaa wanazouziana wao tofauti kwa mtu ambaye si mhindi…kama unabisha wasilianeni na mimi…lazima tuwabague hadi nao waache kutubagua sisi…south africa hadi leo bado kuna fukuto la ubaguzi….america hadi leo kuna fukuto la ubaguzi kwanini sisi weusi tuache kuwabagua hawa wazushi?????juzi juzi tu hapa samuel eto alitoka uwanjani huko hispania kwa kuitwa yani wakati vyama vya michezo vya dunia na ulaya wamekaa kimya kama hawasikii……na bado mnasema tuache sio????mimi si uwezo tu lakini inshallah kama napata nafasi mapambano haya yanaendelea daima kama ilivyo mapambano ya wapelestina na waizrael…..tuamke watu weusi tuache kushoboka jamani……………..

  74. ken adams Says:

    damn!! i dont give a shit if she is tanzanian or not.! the bg deal we should be talking about here is lilian.. my girl liy shud have been the winner thats it.. if other person besides this indian chick wud have been the winner, this racial thing cudnt have taken place huh?? am digressin..dnt knw wat am tokin about anymore.
    kudos to lily.

  75. xxx Says:

    sorry, but lillian did not win, That number three chick deserves to be in lillians place. Lillian hana lolote,ngozi mbaya, face soo ugly.even yule aliyejichubua mzuri kuliko lillian.If she takes Miss Tanzania then somethings wrong with yoh peoples and judges eyes.

  76. LORNA Says:

    yeah SHE definately deserves the Crown….. UBAGUZI ACHENI loh mtabakia ivyo ivyo na ujinga wenu na hamtaendelea maishani punguzeni ujinga na past life look forward hayao ndo maendeleo…..



  77. mmatumbi Says:

    Emmanuel na balancer nimependa comment zenu. Ukweli hapa hakuna ubaguzi wowote ila kinachosemwa ni fact, basi. huyu ni mhindi na atabaki kuwa mhindi. ni kwa sababu ya ujinga wetu tu ndio maana tunadiriki kutetea
    kuwa yeye ana haki ya kuwashinda wasichana wa kibantu woote wa kinondoni (na inavyoelekea, baadaye na TZ nzima!).
    Tatizo la sisi wabongo ni uvivu wa kufikiri kama alivyopata kusema mzee wetu mmoja hapo nyuma na watu wakamkomalia.
    hatuwezi kusema kuwa kwa vile kule marekani watu weusi wanaishi basi sisi hatuna haki ya kumbagua mhindi. kwa nini kila kitu tujilinganishe na nchi nyingine.
    Ni vyema tukafahamu kuwa pamoja na kuisifia sana Marekani na Ufaransa kule ubaguzi dhidi ya weusi upo siku zote.
    hao akina Venus, Serena ama Tiger Woods ubaguzi unapungua dhidi yao kwa vile tu wana visenti lakini hata wao wenyewe wanajua kuwa hawapati heshima ambayo angeipata mtu mweupe iwapo angekuwa na ubingwa wao!

    ndio maana kule wana msemo kwamba mwanaume wa kiafrika
    akiishapanda chati kwenye muziki ama michezo anakimbilia kuoa mwanamke wa kizungu ili akubaliwe kwenye community za kizungu na ubaguzi dhidi yake upungue.
    jamani, mtu anahitaji kwenda pale mitaa ya Kisutu tu kwenye visaloon fulani vya nywele vya wahindi. ukitaka kuingia mswahili unaambiwa mara sijui mashine mbovu, mara sijui mnyoaji hayupo mara sijui nini ilimradi tu wasikunyoe.

    Tupende tusipende, ubaguzi upo na unaanzia kwenye familia zetu. Ni watu wachache sana ambao mapenzi wanayowapa watoto wao wa kuzaa ni sawa sawa kabisa na watakayowapa watoto wa dada zao na kaka zao.
    Kumchagua huyo binti wa kihindi kwamba ni mzuri kuliko wasichana wote wa kimatumbi walioshiriki shindano hilo ni kukosa muelekeo.
    Hivi sasa kwenye vikao vya kahawa vya wahindi wanacheka upumbavu wetu kwamba hatujimudu kiasi kwamba hata msichana muzi sasa lazima awe mhindi!!
    Kuna watu wanatoa mfano kwamba mbona wahindi wanapokuwa wafadhiliwa timu hatupigi kelele. huu ndio ushahidi wa ujinga wetu. kupenda watu wengine watufanyie vitu badala yetu. mhindi anatangazwa na vyombo vya habari kuwa anachezea akiba ya uzeeni ya wafanyakazi akishirikiana na viongozi uchwara, watu wanapiga kelele. lakini ghafla mhindi yule yule akijiingiza kwenye timu na kujifanya mfadhili kwa kutumia hela zetu zile zile wajinga sisi tunamkaribisha kwa mikono miwili na kushangilia! ole wetu.
    Tunasema hivi, ubaguzi upo kila mahali na huko Uingereza na Marekani wanakosifia baadhi ya watu ndiko umejenga kibanda kabisa! kwa hiyo ni ujinga kwa mtanzania mmoja kumuona mwenzake anayesema kuwa wahindi wadhibitiwa ni mjinga!
    Hatuna neno na huyo bint as a person, lakini she is an Indian, period. awe amezaliwa Mwanerumango ama kariakoo ama Kimbiji. at the end of the day atakuwa ni… ” The 2007 Miss World is a Tanzanian of Indian Origin” na sio…”The 2007 Miss World is a Tanzanian of Gezaulole origin”!
    Tuamkeni, Watanzania.
    Mungu Ibariki Tanzania.
    Samahanini kwa Gazeti.


    Hapa watu wanachanganya vitu, kati ya ubaguzi na uraia, ni kweli mtu anaweza kuwa mbaguzi lakini hilo halina uhusiano na uraia wake, ubaguzi ni huruka ya tabaka fulani la watu na mara nyingi mbaguaji huwa ama ana nguvu kiuchumi au ana ubora wa kinadharia wa kabila lake yaani race hapa sina maana ya lugha mtu anayoongea ni race kiswahili chake kimenipiga chenge kidigo. Kma hapa UINGEREZA waingereza weusi walikuwa wanabaguliwa sana na races zingine kwa sababu tu ni weusi kwa vile wanahistoria ya utumwa,pia weupe kwa weupe walikuwa ama bado wanabaguana kati ya working class na matajiri, hawa matajili wanaona weupe working class kama watu duni na wafanyakazi wao, watu wasio na uwezo na wakaaji wa kwenye nyumba za council chafuchafu kiasi kwamba ikafika mtu anaona aibu kukaa kweny nyumba hizo. Sasa hili swala ni pana kuliezea, kwani hata watanzania weusi pia ubaguana wenyewe kwa wenye, kuna makabila yanajiona bora kuliko mengine. Tukirudi kwa huyu binti ni mtanzania na wala si muhindi kwa vili si muhindi, hajazaliwa India na wala hana uraia wa India wazazi wake wala yeye mwenyewe. Cha msingi ni kuwa kama kuna ubaguzi basi upigwe vita za aina zote kama UK na USA walivyotungia sheria kali za kutokomoza ubaguzi wa aina yoyote ile kiasi kwamba imesaidia, kila mtu anajuwa haki zake akitendewa hivi sheria gani inamlinda. binti ni mtanzania wacha atuwakilishe she is very intellegent according to the way answered the interview questions. sheria moja ya kushiriki mashindano hayo ni kuwa raia wa nchi husika full stop, and she is a citizen of Tanzania HAWAANGALII RANGI, NYWELE WALA MACHO AU LUGHA MTU ANAYOONGEA NDO MAANA KUNA WAKALIMANI. HAPA MIMI NAONA KINACHOJENGEKA NI KUWAPA MAWAZO POTOFU WATAKAOKUWA MAJAJI SIKU YA HUYU NBINTI KUSHIRIKI BADO WANAWEZA KUTOA MAAMUZI KWA MTAZAMO WA HII DBATE YETU, TAFADHALI MSIWAPE FOREGROUND TO PLAY BEFORE THE DAY, THAT WOULD BE UNFAIR TO THIS AWESOME GIRL. THANK YOU I LOVE YOU ALL

  79. nyatu Says:

    kiukweli kabisa lilian abel na wengine waliobaki ndio watanzania halisi pia kamati ya mis kinondoni iache mara moja kuwafagilia wahindi na waharabu na kupokea hongo,je tunatarajia lini kwa mrembo mweusi atayeishi india aweze kuwa mis katika nchi iyo aitatokea,unafikili nini feeling za wengi wenye mtazamo wa kibantu,nchini tanzania aina historic ya uchanganyaji wa damu na kumtoa msichana kama richa,huu ni udhalilishaji kwa warembo wetu wa kibantu na kuwanyima nafasi,by,,, mbaguzi daima

  80. wemba Says:

    ndugu wa kamati ya miss kinondoni tunapokwenda sipo,itawezekana vipi kwa kupitisha nafasi ya ushindi kwa damu ya ki asia ambaye si mzalendo halisi,si mbantu,go thin yani aweze kupenya tena ndani ya location ya kinondoni na kuibuka mshindi hii sio haki,nini mtazamo wa fikra za kibantu hata generation zetu,kamati acheni kuwafagilia wahindu na waharabu kwani asili ya urembo ni taifa,

  81. migonzo Says:

    kiukweli kabisa uyu msichana richa si mtanzania,hata majibu ya maulizo ya katika hotuba zake,kwa nini yeye aseme anajivunia kuwa mtanzania,pia baada kuulizwa ni mtu gani ambaye anaye mu admire,eti ni aliyekuwa baba wa taifa julius kambarage nyerere,si dhani kama kuna mtanzania halisi ambaye angeliweza kusema anajivunia utanzania hata kana kwamba tunajisikia ivyo,kwa kweli kamati ya miss kinondoni kuweni macho,ngozi nyeupe ni wabaguzi tena ubaguzi ndio kwanza unaota mizizi all over the world,

  82. xxx Says:

    Migonzo: yani i dont see y asimchague baba wa taifa Mwalimu Nyerere kwasababu bila baba wa taifa tusingekuwa hapa leo, taifa letu lisingejulikana kwenye ramani ya dunia.Some pepo talk all rubbish, hawa ni wale ma illeterate pepo wasiojuwa chochote.

  83. Safisha Says:

    Naungana na mmatumbi na wengine wenye mtazamo kama wake kwani huo ndio ukweli. Nami nasema hivi ” Kuna upofu wa macho na upofu wa akili, (upofu wa macho ni Ulemavu hakuna anaeomba kuwa hivyo), Lakini upofu wa akili unaweza ukawa kwa namna nyingi, ni zaidi ya Ujinga, ni U-zezeta, U-mbumbu ndani ya akili…(hayo si matusi). Jamani Huyu Mtu ni “MHINDI” hata ukimtetea vipi, hata ukizunguusha maneno vipi, huyu ni “MHINDI TU” Hata macho yako yanaona hivyo- Na NDIO HALI HALISI, kweli si kweli? Lakini kwa sababu ya ‘Upofu wa akili’ unakataa kile unachoona!unakataa Ukweli! na ‘Upofu wa akili’ unaweza kuwa nao mtu yeyote awe amesoma au hajasoma hata mfalme anaweza kuwa na upofu wa akili… Na Huu SI UBAGUZI hata kidogo. The majority of indigenous would have been more satisfied if the choice would have been otherwise- “wengi wetu (wenyeji) tungejivunia kama angechaguliwa binti wa kwetu wenyewe.” na hii iko hivyo popote pale duniani,Wahenga walisema “Tembea Uone.” Huu si UBAGUZI… Ondoa Upofu wa akili utapata utambuzi…

  84. bibi Says:

    Jamani vijana mbona mnatangaza sera za ubaguzi?
    Sijui kwa vile mmezaliwa enzi za Mwinyi ama Mkapa? Hayo mambo yote yalikwisha enzi za Mwalimu. Jamani Bepari au Mabeberu sio lazima wawe watu weupe na pia wabaguzi sio lazima wawe watu weupe..hizo ni sera za Mwalimu ambaye ndio ni dira yetu watanzania. Jamani mpeni haki yake huyo Binti anastahili…alichaguliwaje kwenda kuwakilisha Miss Earth hamkulalamika..mmmm jamani hiyo ni noma.

  85. babu Says:

    mimi nashangaa sana watu mlivyo na akili finyu kwani muhindi katoka india 1902 kaja tanzania hana mke hapa kakaa kaoa mkuria kazaa watoto ambao ni nusu weupe na nusu mweusi mzee wakihindi kafa kazikwa hapa sasa hawa watoto wamekuwa na wameoa watu kama wao walivyo watoto waliozaa wametoka kama huyu binti mnaemsonga je hawa watoto ni watanzania au ni wahindi hajui baba yao hata kijiji alichoka jamani huu si wakati wa ujinga huu je Barac Obama wa USA asichaguliwe kuwa rais wa USA kwavile baba ni Mkenya.Babu North Carolina USA-

  86. Safisha Says:

    Hivi ni sawa na kumchukua kunguru ukamchanganya kwenye kundi la njiwa halafu katika kuchagua njiwa yupi ni mzuri ukamchagua kunguru eti ndio njiwa mzuri kuliko njiwa wengine!!! Duh, Mbona ni kiini macho! Sawa, wote ni ndege! lakini kunguru ni kunguru na njiwa ni njiwa. Haiba ya njiwa ni tofauti kabisa na haiba ya kunguru…
    Kama huyu binti ni half-cast kachanganya damu na mbantu hakuna neno, tuwekeeni wazi kinaganaga, hakutakuwa na mgogoro wowote, hiyo hata kimataifa inakubalika. Miaka ya hivi karibuni, Finland alichaguliwa miss-finland baba mkenya mama mfini.

    Hili siyo Swala la Ubaguzi, kama ni hivyo basi hata hao mabinti wa kibantu watasema wamefanyiwa Ubaguzi…

  87. babu Says:

    mimi nafikiri ni wakati umefika mambo haya ya mweupe na mweusi kwa sisi wa TZ tuyasahautuendeleze nchi yetu ambayo inatuitaji kwani hata muhindi au muarabu ambao babu wa mababu zao waliingia nchi kwa biashara au kuletwa kama vibarua wakuja kuwasaidia wakoloni wakabaki hapa na kuoana wao kwa wao mpaka hii leo bila ya kuchanganya na kabila ingine tutawaitaje watoto wao ambao ni 3rd-4th na 5th generation kwani hii sasa iakwenda kubaya kwani huko kwetu wewe ukizaliwa na mtu mweupe au mweusi ilimuradi una rangi ya mchanganyiko basi wewe ni mojakwamoja unachukuliwa ni mweupe wanasahau una rangi ya mtu mweusi na uko kwenu kwani mmoja wa mzazi wako ni mweusi huku USA S Africa na sehemu yoyote duniani ni mweusi tafadhali tusahau haya mambo tuendeleze mambo muhimu.BABU. N CAROLINA

  88. mmatumbi Says:

    BABUU! Labda tuseme hivi. kwa mfano wewe ni Mhindi ama
    muarabu. babu yako wa kiarabu alikuja hapa 1890 na wewe ni Generatiom ya TANO ama SITA, Utanzania wako hapa uko katika kuzaliwa Newala ama kimbiji ulikozaliwa na Passport utakayoomba, lakini wewe hata kwa Mungu utahesabika kuwa ni MHINDI ama MUARABU! Tatizo la sisi watanzania tulio wengi ni UNAFIKI na kutokuwa wa kweli wa kuita Beleshi ni Beleshi na sio kijiko kikubwa cha kuzolea taka. nasisitiza, hatuna neno na huyo binti kama binadamu mwenzetu, lakini yeye ni MHINDI na mimi ni MBANTU, it is that easy na sijui kwa nini watu wanatafuta kulicomplicate!

    babu, wewe unasema Mhindi amekuja hapa 1902 basi moja kwa moja uzao wake wa tano ni mtanzania. ok, lakini wamarekani weusi (wamatumbi!) walifika marekani kuanzia 1800 na… lakini mpaka leo pamoja na kuhesabika kama wamarekani bado ubaguzi dhidi yao ni kama kazi!
    Hatubagui, tunachosema ni kwamba huyu ni MHINDI na shindano hili lingeleta maana zaidi iwapo angeshinda MMATUMBI maana kule India hakuna Binti wa Kibantu atakayeweza kushinda shindano lolote la uzuri kule hata la kijiji tu potelea mbali kwamba babu wa babu yake alifika Bombay mwaka 1902! sio ubaguzi, wanataka kulinda asili! Watanzania tusijifanye tumeendelea sana kiasi kwamba hatuna haja na asili yetu! hata walioendelea mara milioni moja zaidi yetu kama Wajapani wana namna yao ya kulinda asili yao bila kuwa wabaguzi! TUAMKENI!!!

  89. kaiza Says:

    She is danm fine, wenye wivu wajinyonge, huyu ndio miss kinondoni, na hao wanaolalamika kuhusu rangi wanye sumu.

  90. Zahra Says:

    Watanzania acheni ubaguzi!!!! Kwani si ana cfa za kuitwa MISS TANZANIA? sasa hayo mengine yametokea wapi? Wenyewe waliomchagua wana akili timamu na wanajua nini kazi zao, so mkianza kuhoji hiyo ni mizengwe2 washkaji, kila m2 na bahati yake, anaweza kuleta taji la MISS WORLD!!!! Haya nyie fanyeni dharau.

  91. TUMAINI Says:


  92. Stella Says:

    Mh jamani watu wote wana olalamika huyu binti muhindi mno kuliko mtanzania, ni kweli kwani watu waliopo Tz hatuoni ubaguzi unaowapata watu weusi nje ya TZ. Ukisafiri ndio utaona maana yako mwenyewe, mtu mweusi hauthaminiwi mpaka inakumaliza hata nguvu na kukukatisha tamaa. Huyu binti anayejiita Mtanzania hawezi kuongea kiswahili ni vipi? Maanake mahojiano huku ni kizungu tu. Hapo ndipo watu wengine tunawaza inakuwaje hawa wahindi wanaojiita watanzania na wamezaliwa Tanzani lakini hawajui kiswahili, Kwani wanakidharau sana wanaona hakiwafai.
    Hapa hapa Tanzania wahindi wanatreat watu weusi vibaya sana, Yaani wanatumia watu weusi kama domestic slaves, at the same time kwa vile wao ni light skin.
    Tatizo ni kuwa watanzania ni wakarimu sana mpaka tuko wajinga maanake hatuna hata self esteem ya kuupenda mwili wetu kama ulivyo. ni lazima mweupe ndio mzuri.
    Some education need to be going around. Kwani naona hata wanaume haswa vijana wadogo tu wanapendelea kutembea na wazungu lakini sidhani kama wanaelewa maana yake kwa kweli.
    Sorry for going out of topic.
    Hao wanaoendesha hayo mashindano ya miss whatever they need to look at the dark skin girl in a beautiful way.
    Kwani huyu ukimpeleka kwenye miss world as a Tanzanian representative ni kichekesho kwa wazungu na watafurahi sana kwani utakuwa umejitukana mwenyewe kwamba Tz ni uhindi look alike ndio uwe mzuri.

  93. Marge Fodi Says:

    Mimi ni mtanzania ambaye naishi nje ya Tanzania, nimesikitishwa kuona watanzania tunabaguana kwa vile huna rangi nyeusi wewe unaonekana sio mtanzania, hata kama wahindi wanatubagua lakini huwezi kuwa-judge wahindi wote, huyu msichana ni mtanzania, hata kama anaasili ya kihindi, sisi tunaishi huku nje na watoto wetu wanakua accepted kama wananchi wa nchi hii ingawa wazazi wao ni watanzania weusi, jamani tuondoe huu ubaguzi kwani hao wahindi ambao wanajiona kua sio watanzania, ni wajinga na wanahitaji kuelimisha, kwani wakitokea kuenda India hawawatambui kama ni wahindi bali watanzania, naona ni vizuri huyu msichana kupata hii nafasi ambayo ataweza kuitumia kuwaelimisha watu wote wenye mawazo ya kibaguzi. Tanzania is the best country when it comes to mchanganyiko wa makabila mbalimbali jamani tusipoteze hii sifa yetu

  94. stella Says:

    Mh Nyatu nakubaliana na wewe, kwa kweli ni aibu kubwa sana kwani watu wanakataa tu kuelewa kwa sababu wamekaa hapa bongo hawajatoka, wakitoka humu wakafika huko ulaya au huko Asia kwenyewe ngozi nyeusi ni kama kitu kibaya kwao, sasa wewe unapokaa hapa Tz unasema eti it’s ok inabidi tuache ubaguzi. kuongelea kuhusu hili swala sio ubaguzi ni kufumbua macho ya wengi ambao hawaelewi haswa nini maana ya representation ya nchi yako kama wewe ni mweusi. Wahindi wanatubagua sana Tz kama vile wao ni wazungu na sisi ndio watumwa wao sasa, tukiongea kidogo tu tayari waswahili washaanzwa kuchanganywa hovyo. Anyway next time hao wanaoandaa haya mashindano they need to take a good look at what exactly they are looking at. Sio uarabu na uhindi tu.

  95. Kipepe Says:

    next time we will a chinese being miss tanzania. Mimi nasubiri tu

  96. Kipepe Says:

    next time we will see a chinese being miss tanzania. Mimi nasubiri tu

  97. TINA Says:

    Hey dia mshukuru mungu kwa position ulionayo ucjali wasemayo we songa mbele di good luck.

  98. Xavier Tamba Says:

    Duh,yaani huyu ndio Miss Tanzania 2007?Tusubiri tu kuwa na raisi mhindi sasa.

  99. majita Says:

    Je nyie mnaoongea humu kuhusu ubaguzi,mnajua habari ya wana wa Israel?walikaa utumwani misri kwa muda gani?Je walitoka misri au bado wako misri.Huyu mdosi si mbantu.Hivyo hasitahiri kuwakilisha Tanzania.Nafunga mjadala.Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  100. TanzanianDream Says:

    Huwezi fananisha proportion ya Blacks France,USA kutokana na historia yao.wale wengi walienda utumwa lkn wahindi je walikuwa watumwa bongo au tunataka kubebana tu kwa point ambazo haziishi…kwanini kila siku watu wanasema isiwepo Racism wakati deep down we’re all racists.South Africa history inawabeba…naona mnamtetea Nyerere lkn mnasahau kuwa yeye alifukuza wazungu bongo je huo haukuwa ubaguzi?Au watz wengine tukisema Bendera ya taifa ina rangi nyeusi kuonesha ngozi za watz ni ubaguzi?then changes should be done from the National level(rangi ya bendera) then ifuate level nyingine…I would have been happy kumuona mbongo pale hata kama inamaanisha ataenda kuchemka miss world kuliko Mbongo/mhindi ambae anaweza fika mbali,Y tunaentertain hii kitu?Y Tanzania???????

  101. lulu Says:

    Bwana eeh mie sikubaliani kabisa, huyu binti si kama amewashinda wenzie bwana huyu inaonyesha kabisa kapangwa haina mjadala. sioni kamshinda nani katika wale wenzie wa kinondoni,na wengine??? unajua wa Tz tuna matatizo ya kutambua INTELLIGENCE AU HIGH IQ, NA KIMOMBO AU LUGHA MTU AKIZUNGUMZA kimombo bila wasi tunaona anaweza. mtu anajibu maswali bila intelligence ya juu anaonekana ni binti wa kawaida tu tayari watu wanaona ataweza miss world kuliko wenzake na kama mbongo kweli mbona haji kukaa mwananyamala huku? tunakubali tu ndio maaana tunaitwa wajinga upanga, mjini ikifika saa kumi wa tz halisi wote tunarudi makwetu buguruni na sinza tunawaachia mjini kwao hiyo ndio hali halisi ubaguzi wameanza wao!

  102. Arafa Says:

    hay mtanzania wa kihindi kupata miss Tanzania hongera

  103. Mtanzania as well! Says:

    I don’t seem to understand what the big deal about the girl’s ethnicity … she was born bongo, lives bongo and has been chosen by the judges to represent bongo … so what is the issue?

    With all the booing at the venue after the results were announced, goes to show the latent malcontent [and ignorance] of the few people there – shame on those who behaved in such an inappropriate manner!!

    So much for no racism in Tanzania … we fought apartheid in South Africa and anywhere else in the world … let us not forget to fight it here in OUR TANZANIA!!! Am sure our beloved first and late President Nyerere would be totally dismayed at the booing!

    Richa was very articulate in responding to the question posed at her … it is very apparent that she took the Miss Tanzania 2007 contest seriously, and had prepared immensely for it!!

    The question posed was a simple, but a double-edged sword. A simple question that could make or break the Richa’s bid for the crown – but did she grasp that question and answer it with aplomb!!!

    Even her greeting to the audience was laced with greetings in Kisukuma and Kiswahili … her intro clip was in Kiswahili (someone here on the comments lets asked why the interview was conducted in English – one can only respond in the language posed in the question, am sure if Richa was asked a question on Kiswahili, the response would be in [perfect] Kiswahili …)

    For maybe the first time (apart from past Miss TZ’s Shose Sinare and Nancy Sumary) we have a Miss Tanzania, who communicates articulately.

    I have high hopes that she will match, if not exceed the bench-mark already set by Miss Sumary.

    WELL DONE RICHA, you had prepared well for this contest, and the results are there to prove it … keep your head up and your feet well grounded; and good luck with your work in Tanzania (and the competition) ahead!!!

  104. Danielle Says:

    Going on to what was said in comment 103, one must realise and face the fact that Tanzania, like any other country on this planet, is multi-cultural and multi-ethnic.

    The sooner we embrace this fact, the better it will be for Tanzania on many fronts – the more we resist this – we will have issues of Bosnian proportions!

    We are a peace-loving and socio-political aware people! Let us not embarrass ourselves by being otherwise!

  105. Big Willy Says:

    kama noma na iwe noma tu wahindi wabaguzi sana hawa jamaa haina haja ya kuoneana aibu tena huyo mdosi hawezi akatuwakilisha sisi waswahili hao waadaaji wa miss Tanzania machoko tu hawana mpango

  106. Mark D`Cruz Says:

    Congratulations to Richa for winning the Miss Kinondoni 2007 contest. Its a pity to see alot of racism still around. I was born and brought up in Nairobi, Kenya and although I am of Indian origin I have only known Kenya and no other and consider myself 100% Kenyan. Richa, well done and we wish you all the best in your future.

  107. ukende Says:

    u knw wat guys,it will take so long to change mentality zetu and wat we hv been thru. wahindi ni wabaguzi mwanzo mwisho,na hiyo ndo nature hayo.kwan nyie hamjasoma historia jinsi walivyo tudiscriminate? mimi mpakaleo nikifikiria nyinsi babu zetu walivyokuwa wanateswa km mbwa,ther is no way you can convice km ataniwakilisha as a tanzanian. Tatizo letu wabongo sisi ni MANDONDOCH TUNASHOBOKA NA NGOZI NYEUPE…ni hayo tu

  108. Richie Says:

    Congrats to Richa! You just rep TZ despite the he say/she say. TZN by blood, and I got nothin’ but love for ya. As long as your true to the title, “Miss TZ”, I’m right behind you. Best of luck with the tasks ahead.

  109. Tautatis Says:

    Most of the people who posted in this site are full of bullshit and ignorant. It is a pitty that today in TZ there are people whpo think they are more TZ because they are black than their fellow TZ of asian/foreign decent. Give the young lady a chance, she is elegant, decent, smart, and a true Tanzanian by all account. Some of you who post here with the negative opinion have no self esteem, ignorants, and do not really understand what citizenry mean. It is very embarrassing to read your posts.


  110. Tautatis Says:

    By the way, I would have not picked any of the candidates you think should have won. They are not attractive and likely they could compete abroad. Additionally, please, this is just a pagent nothing more nothing less!

    Very sad Tanzanian,


  111. Brayan John Says:

    jamni mimi nipo nnaishi nje ya nchi na mimi ni mtanzania saafi kabisa nnaona nitoe yangu machachr kuhusu huyu mshindi wetu .
    inaonekana sisi wengi weusi tunamuonea choyo huyu binti sikilizeni Mwalimu Julius Nyerere alituondoshea ukabila rangi na tofauti zoote za kikabila sasa huyu mtoto amezaliwa Tanzania amesoma Tanzania nyinyi bado mnamuandama weupe au nywele laini zisiwatie jazba waamuzi ambao nido wenye uwezo wa kuamua ni sawa kabisa walivyo amua – nyinyi mnataka apewe haki mtu japo hastahiki? la kwa kuwa anangozi nyeusi hebu wacheni uchoyo na ubaguzi wa rangi – mimi kama mtanzania nnasema kuwa huyu mtoto ndie mshindi halali na wala isiwe hivi na vile – Nnawaa mbia ndugu zangu kuwa amkeni angalieni America na Uingereza na nchi za ulaya zoote wapo weusi wengi tu na wakiingia kwenye michezo inakuwa wao ndio washindi akiwa mweusi au mweupe hebu wacheni ujinga na uchoyo wa roho yeye kaibuka na ushindi na kweli ukimuangalia mtoto wamo mzuri wa kushinda shindano hilo -HONGERA MISS TANZANIA 2007

  112. Maria Says:

    Habari zenu,
    Nilikua Nikisoma habari za richa. Nataka kusema kwamba siyo wahindi wote ambao wana ubaguzi. Mimi mababu zangu walitoka india lakini mimi nilizaliwa hapa tanzania, hata wazazi wangu. Kama mtu akiniuliza nitasema mimi ni mtanzania. Rangi ya ngozi haitakiwi kuwa kipimo cha mzalendo. Pili, nyie watanzania mnayo jiita watanzania halisi, mnatakiwa mjihusiane na wahindi. Tunatakiwa tusaidiane, tudumishe nchi yetu. Ubaguzi wa rangi haitatusaidia kwenda mbele…Kama in swali la lugha, siyo wahindi wote wanaozarau kiswahili. Asanteni na Mungu Atubariki Tanzania!

  113. dr stigo Says:

    ubaguzi siyo mzuri, tumsaidie mtanzania mwenzetu aweze kufikia melengo yako.uraia siyo issue ya kuzungumzia baada ya ushindi wake. mngezungumza mapema!!!

  114. Prince Haroon Junior. Says:

    Yani huyo binti alinipa raha pale alipokuwa anajibu swali kwa kujihamini,kwanza alilielewa na akajibu inavyotakiwa.Richa ni mtanzania halisi,mtu huwezi kuji`proud kwa nchi ya mwenzio,yeye anaji`proud kwa kuwa amezaliwa hapa,hata wewe ungezaliwa america ukakulia huko huwezi kamwe kujiita mtz.please let her present our country,tukianza kulumbana sisi hapa tz tunawapa chance wapinzani wetu huko Chanya(china).na mkitaka kuona kwamba sasa tz ubaguzi haupo, soon tunaanza kuoa hao wahindi,tatizo sisi blacks hatuna self confidence,ndiyo maana tunaona kama tunabaguliwa.please brothers and sisters kama nipo wrong mtanisamehe ila ukweli upo pale pale Richa ni mtz na ana haki ya ushindi kama uzembe ulifanywa wakulaumiwa ni sisi walalamikaji kwani hatukuona miss Kinondoni ni muhindi?iweje tumuache ashiriki mpaka top 5? sisi kimya tu then amechaguliwa kuwa miss tunaanza longolongo.kwanza kuhusu hao wengine hata kiswahili tu hawewezi kuongea, mtu unapewa swali jepesi tu kujibu anajiumauma tuachane na ubaguzi tutashindwa kuendelea.
    kama kwenye jeshi la polisi ukitaka kuona wahindi nenda makao makuu ya polisi utawakuta ni polisi na wana vyeo vikubwa tu.ingia bungeni utakutana na wabunge wahindi wengitu tena wanaongea kabisa,jamani tusiwe tunaongea kama hatusomi newspaper wala kuangalia tv.
    kama unanipinga juu ya suala hili uwe na ushahidi kama wangu.pls huu sio muda wa kuandika habari zako ili mradi tu watu wakuone nawe umeandika comment ila huna point na sio muda wa kukandiana guys twende na wakati.

  115. Injinia Kassimu Says:

    nyie wabongo mnaojifanya kumtetea huyo Richa acheni umasikini wa akili.hivi mnadhani mkijipendekeza ndio wahindi watawapenda ama mtageuka rangi na ninyi kuwa wahindi?kama mweusi mweusi tu.who daznt know kama hao jamaa wanaubaguzi.sio mnapelekwa pelekwa tu,shtukeni usingizini.kesho tutampa uwaziri mkuu mdosi kesho kutwa tuwape ukikwete ndio mtaona wakoje.wanaanza taratibu hao,beware!

  116. Observer Says:

    Reading the above notes, its simple to see that the reason we don’t move forward is because there are allot of selfish people among us that put those who try hard and succeed down instead of congratulating them,

    I feel that she earned it; all the negative comments don’t make any sense, there just un-educated and raciest, If you say she is not Tanzanian then I guess going to school has made you more dumb and stupid go back and read what defines a Citizen, If you say being light skinned should be a reason to deny her the opportunity to represent her country then you are more racist then you think because there are a lot of dark skinned people standing for other countries, no one has commented on that before have they? Jamani Grow up, Don’t be bitter. Don’t be racist

    Tanzania is capable of a lot but as long as we think this way we wont get any where,

  117. tatu Says:

    he jamani muacheni mtoto wa wa2.
    kama inawezekana mkabadili matokeo basi?
    mbona hamkuchonga tokea miss vitongoji huko?
    leo mnaona kalamba bingo kelele nyingi?
    je akifanya vizuri je huko aendako mtabaki vinywa wazi?

    tatu kitenge.

  118. […] are the words of Richa Adhia in an interview with Bongo Celebrity blog soon after she was crowned as the Vodacom Miss Tanzania […]

  119. Kikolo Says:

    Mswahili ni Mswahili tu! Tunapomwangalia Mhindi ndiyo tunaona kwamba ana ubaguzi lakini tunasahau hata wenyewe kwa wenyewe tuna ubaguzi. Tunasahau kwamba ilishatokea mara nyingi mtu anasema mi natoka sehemu fulani au mi kabila fulani siwezi kumchagua fulani kwa kuwa anatoka sehemu fulani au kabila fulani! Haya mashindano ya Miss Tanzania nadhani ni kwa msichana wa kitanzania yeyote bila kujali rangi, kabila n.k. Kwahiyo aliyeshinda ameshinda, mradi ni Mtanzania, maneno maneno ya nini tena?

  120. […] iray rehefa voahosotra ho Oliravina Vodacom Tanzania 2007 no niresadresaka tamin’ny mpanoratra ny Bongo Celebrity  Blog no latsa-bava nanao hoe:  “It’s sad that people have raise such an issue. I don’t see why […]

  121. […] for her interview. Sphere: Related Content var addthis_pub = ‘sheetudeep’; Posted in […]

  122. alvin navarri Says:

    Richa,you are lovely woman.Congratulation your title as Miss Kinondoni 2007.

  123. Munira Bhaiji Says:

    Hi Richa, congratulations on your achievement. wish you all the best in your future from Bakersfield, CA. USA. when I learnt that you worked for Berger Paints, I had to drop you a line as I was in that seat once from yr 1978 to 1983 when I left for USA, my last maiden name was Dadawalla. I was the secretary to Jack Bravey/Don wright when the company changed names. indeed what a small world! it was a pleasure to see you on the net.

    Miss DDWL

  124. aysha Says:

    jamani ubaguzi hauna maana maana kwa sisi watanzania tuko kila kipembe cha dunia kwa sasa na hakuna hata mmoja anae baguliwa na isitoshe tanzania hakuna watanzania wenye asili ya kihindi peke yao wako mpaka wenye asili ya kiarabu na niwatanzania mbona hamsemi kitu . wakati nilipokua shule ya msingi mwalimu akiingia darasani mmoja anasema hivi hesma, nasisi sote tunaitikia siasa ya ubaguzi wa rangi ni unyama shikamoo mwalim sasa nataka kujua hawa wenye ubaguzi walisomeshwa shule gani na mwalimu gani?kwasababu sifa ya tanzania ni kua hakuna ubaguzi. kama ni hivyo kuna safari moja kule france mtu mweusi aliiwakilisha france kwenye mashindano ya dunia na akapewa nafasi ya 2 na hakuna aliyeshangazwa kwa waliohudhuria kwenye maonyesho hayo.acheni ubaguzi jamani kuna watu wengine ni weusi lkn wanatoka kpongo na wanajiita watanzania hata kiswahili chao ni cha tabu. HONGERA DADA RECHO KWA KUCHAGULIWA KUA MSHINDI TUNAKUOMBEA MUNGU UKIFIKA HUKO UKACHUKUE NAFASI YA KWANZA ILI WABAGUZI UZIDI KUWACHOMA .. MIMI NAKUAMINI WEWE NI MTANZANIA KAMA WATANZANIA WENGINE

  125. fatma Says:

    nyinyi wabongo hamna isipokuwa ubaguzi,hata sisi wapemba mnatubaguwa sana tu, tukipita njiani mnatuita waalabu wakati sisi tumezaliwa pemba hata hatujawahi kufika huko mujue kwamba hii nchi ya tanzania kama si sisi wapemba na hao wahindi mnaotubagua isingelifikia maendeleo kama mliyonayo sasa. sisi wapemba na wahindi tumechakarika kwa biashara. na huko arabuni sisi hatutakiwi tunaitwa waswahili, haya sasa nambieni kwetu sisi ni wapi kama sio hapa hapa tz tulipozaliwa?

  126. abdullah Says:

    Mimi si Mtanzania wala siishi Tanzania ila nilijifunza kis’wahili kwa sababu ya sifa mzuri ya watu wa Tanzania. Sasa Inasikitisha kuona baadhi ya watu kutoka nchi ambayo Nyerere aliiweka mstari wa mbele na kupewa heshima kubwa kiulimwengu kwa kupigania haki za kibinadamu Africa na uliumwengu sasa wakimbagua binti mdogo kwa hali ya juu kwa sababu tu asili ya Kihindi(?!).
    Does it mean you tolerate no body who is non black?
    Is this not a racist? Treat others the same way as you would like others to treat you.

  127. Minu Says:

    Kama wewe sio mtanzania na umejifunza tuu kiswahili kwasababu ya sifa na watu wa Tanzania. basi kaka, ngoja nikuambie, Watu wameandika na wamepinga kwasababu ya vitu vinavyooendelea Tanzania, na experience yao walio go through na wahindi, hawampingi tuu kwasababu ni muhindi wanataka kueleza kwamba wahindi hao wanaoishi Tanzania ni wabaguzi sana kwa wantanzania Black wanaoishi Tanzania. Asante sana kwa kutupenda na kujifunza lugha yetu, lakini tungependa sana ujifunze culture na watu wanaoishi Tanzania, more over jaribu kuwa open minded before concluding it is recism.

  128. abdullah Says:

    Minu (mimi sijui jina hii ni dada au kaka samahani majina siyajui)ila Akhsante kwa maelezo yako.
    I am open minded but …hata kama kuna huo ubaguzi ulioueleza haifanyi hii ubaguzi ya huyu binti kuwa halali. Ubaguzi ni ubaguzi tu. Mzungu akimbagua Mwafrika ni Ubaguzi; Mwafrika akibaguliwa na Mhindi ni Ubaguzi and Mwafrika akimbagua Mhindi pia lazima tukubali kuwa pia ni ubaguzi tu. One wrong thing does not make the other wrong thing to be right.

  129. anny mwiya Says:


  130. HOLM Says:

    Mimi nam-support Amina bint Mbwembwe na Maia kwa point zao. Inaonekana wote mnaom-support huyu dada mrembo mhindi ni wahindi. Kwangu mimi ni Miss India. Nyie wote mnao-support na kutetea wahindi walioko bongo mnaonekana mna roho ya utumwa. Mmeshazoea Ujumaaaaaaaaaa na Uamninaaaaaaaa. Huyo saa hivi hata akisema mumlambe mavi mtamlamba tu kwa sababu ni mhindi.

  131. abdullah Says:

    Washa kutukana watu na kudhalilisha watu.sio vizuri Mimi nasaport yoyote aliyeshinda na asiyekubali kushindwa si mshindani…. unoonekana una shuki saana kwa baguzi yako. Mimi sio ya Mhindi wala ya Afrika lakini unobenda kesema swahili na sasa unabata shock ya kuuona watu ya kiswahili wengine unashukia mtu yote ambayo siyo nyeusi… washa baguzi yako sio uungwana hivyo. wote unaumbwa na Mungu.

  132. Devotta Says:

    Jamani acheni wivu na ubaguzi, chuki za nini nyingi hivyo? Kwani muhindi aliyeishi Tanzania miaka yake yote si mtanzania mbona mimi nimezaliwa Ufaransa na nikaishi Tanzania kwa miaka minne tu na the rest of my life nimeishi Ufaransa na ninakwendaga Tanzania every after 5yrs na bado i see myself as French kwasababu i feel like France is my home. Im 26yrs old that means i have lived in France for 22yrs. i hold a French passport im married with two children and they hold a French pp as well sasa the fact that my kids are black aint they french?? I feel very French and i fit in better in France than in Tanzania sasa are you trying to tell me my kids and i are lesser French because we are black??? Get real. My parents are Tanzanian and yes we speak swahili at home so what?? What difference to muhindi in tanzania speaking Gujerati, hindu,pakistan or anyother at home??? This girl has lived all her life in Tanzania thats the only place she knows so she is a Tanzania without a doubt. Acheni kuwa hivyo. Kwa kweli am glad that its only few Tanzanians that doubt her and majority think she deserved to participate. Look at the developed countries and the way they treat there people regardless of there colour that what Tanzania is doing and i’m fully behind such motive. Some of you are talking abt her been interviwed in English kwani is she the only one who’s been interviewed in foreign language? How comes most ppl in Tz wish they could afford to take their kids to schools that teaches in English?? Why?? WIVU NI SUMU. She’s beatiful, she’s intelligent and above all SHE IS TANZANIAN. Congratulations….Go on gal show them you can do it you’ve done it and will continual to do so.

  133. Mshua Says:

    Devotta i totally agree with you. She has done it. Whoever out there who’s still crying is a looser. I’m a black Tanzanian, Mpare for that matter and live in Tanzania i can tell you one thing most of those complaining about this girl are the less previllege ones but whose fault is it if one is ugly, cant communicate or not educated?? Sioni kwanini wanamwonea wivu. They need to get themselves education. I bet this comment will make some of them kick off. Bring it on……..

  134. salama Says:

    acheni wivuu na chuki zenu bi nafsi, mtanzania ni mtanzania tu awe mweupe mwekundu wala wa kijani.faida yake nini kumpa uwananchi baadae ukamnyanyasa? ndio maana tanzania haindelei na wala haitoendelea kwa sababu watu wengi hawatakiani mema. angalieni wamarekani weusi wanavoneemeka na kutajirika kwa bidii na UMAREKANI wao,na nyie wenyewe mnawasappot na kuchanganyikiwa na utajiri na maendeleo yao. hamna hata siku moja mtu yeyote amewanyooshea kidole na kuwaambia wao sio wamarekani nchini mwao wala nchi za nje,toeni ujinga na kutu zilizojaa kwenye akili zenu ili muache ubaguzi wa rangi na tuendeleze taifa letu!tusipothaminiana wenyewe kwa wenyewe nani atatuthamini?

  135. Judy Luis-Watson Says:

    Congratulations to Richa Adhia for winning a title she wanted badly enough to prepare and compete for it. What I appreciated most about Ms. Adhia’s interview responses was that she is influenced by the socially-constructive principles of Mwalimu Julius Nyerere and is committed to making a positive contribution to some of the most pressing issues in present-day Tanzania.

    My apologies for not writing in Kiswahili. I have forgotten most of what I knew but my parents, who live in Canada, are still quite fluent! My mother (born in Zanzibar) and my father (born in Dar) often teach phrases and words to me and my husband, an African American. They live in Canada. Because we are musicians and educators, we sing and teach songs from around the world, including East Africa and Goa. It is a great way to learn languages!

    I am a second-generation Tanzanian (born in Dar) of Goan ancestry and I am an American citizen. I haven’t been back to Tanzania since I left in 1971, but I’ve met many Tanzanians in North America (black and brown) as well as Americans who lived and worked there. The daughter of one of my favorite professors from the University of New Mexico was born in Dar when he was working there; this helped us to bond and his mentoring helped me tremendously. I look forward to visiting Tanzania with my husband sooner than later. The last time I was in Goa was 1970 and both of us want to visit there too.

    I tell all this to say that I live in a multicultural and economically diverse society and love it. It’s far from perfect; racism and poverty exist here in the US, like in Tanzania and everywhere. The good news is that more and more people around the globe are choosing to be builders of community, not forgetting the past, but moving forward in constructive ways. There is a lot to be done. Amani, peace, shantih!

  136. Mama wa Kichagga Says:

    Heeeeeeeeeeeeeee heeeeee.

    Sasa hii tabu tupu! Hapa inaonekana ni jinsi gani tunapenda kutoa hukumu kwa wenzetu badala ya kuchangia hoja za kuleta maendeleo na ustawi wa jamii. Ushauri wangu ni kama ufuatao:

    1. Rangi ya damu haina dini, kabila wala utaifa – kwa binadamu na wanyama wote aina ya mamalia ni NYEKUNDU hivyo jamani mawazo ya kibaguzi tusisubutu hata siku moja kuyaruhusu maana yatatuangamiza.

    2. Tuachane na wivu na chuki! mtu akikuuzi chukua hatua kurekebisha mambo bila kujali rangi wala kabila

    3. Tujichanganye ili kurekebisha mapungufu – wee Mtz oa/olewa na Muasia na hivyo hivyo kwa Muasia

    4. Hongera na pongezi nyingi sana kwa ZNZ kwa kujichanganya vyema na kuishi bila kubaguana

    5. Waasia kweli wana soo la ubaguzi! Ukitembelea viwandani utapata majibu yote ila wakisoma hii blog nazani wataona mistari ya kujirekebisha ili jamii iwaelewe


    7. Kwa mifano ya karibu karibu (angalia data ktk mitandao) nchi zenye mchanganyiko wa watu/mataifa ndizo zinazosonga mbele kiuchumi na kijamii. Mfano USA na Africa Kusini, Namibia nk! Kwani mnasahau mchanganyiko hufukia mabonde? Tuanzie na sisi wenyewe, ukiona kabila fulani sera zao kidogo zinakwenda mbele basi elekeza majeshi yako ya kujichanganyia damu ili upate angalau harufu!

    8. Sera kama kwenu akili imetulia basi changanya na Mhaya kupata mguu + akili = mshindi miss TZ
    Mchagga + any = uchumi bora, Mpare + any = ndoa tulia nk.


  137. mkenya Says:

    jamani watanzania mnaongea vitu ambavyo hatuaelewi.Anyway that tanzanian chick is hot.are there any hot tanzania girls who wanna get down with a cite kenyan guy?holla at me

  138. […] I AM PROUDLY TANZANIAN-MISS KINONDONI 07 « BONGO CELEBRITYAlipotangazwa kuwa ndio mshindi wa taji la urembo la wilaya ya Kinondoni 2007 (Miss Kinondoni 2007) hivi karibuni, mashabiki wake walipiga vigelegele.Lakini punde suala la … […]

  139. sonila Stiven Says:

    Mh! hata sitaki kuamini kama kweli mambo ndio yamekuwa haya. Baada ya kufanya vibaya kwenye mashindano ya dunia nini kinaendelea? naomba usijali juu ya kushindwa lkn wewe kama mrembo unafanya jitihada gani kuhakikisha mwaka huu anatoka mrembo mwenye sifa wa kutusaidia kutuwakilisha huko majuu? na unafanya jitihada gani kuendeleza ustawi wa jamii hasa kwa vijana wenzeko? jitahidi basi japo kuanzisha chama chochote cha vijana ili uache historia japo ipunguze chuki kwa wengine na huu uhindi wanao uchukia. Naona umekuwa kimya sana Rich eee isiwe hivyo mpenzi jitahidi kusukuma ghurudumu,,,, jamani umeshindwa hata kutoa salamu labda za idd au xmass au mwaka mpya upo Tanzania kweli au umeenda kupumzika India kidogo kupunguza kero? haya kila la kheri haya ni maoni yangu.

  140. Vin Says:

    Keep your head up (Miss Kinondoni) Il;ike your spriuarty > You stand what you belive and not let hater get in your face.
    Much luv

  141. Amy Says:



  142. mohamed Says:

    baba yangu ni mwaarabu na mama yangu mzaramu na mimi ni mzaliwa wa Tanzania angalau sasa ivi nnaishi uarabuni sijasahau hata sikumoja kama mimi ni Mtanzania jamani msifikirie sisi waarabu au wahind mtu ukisha upata utanzania na ukiishi Tanzania uwananchi wako unakamilika na kwa kusema ukweli mimi naishi huku uarabuni lakini nnajijenga huko kwetu Tanzania na kila nnacho kidunduliza kinakuja huko kwetu Tanzania kwahiyo jamani inabidi tumuheshimu mtazania mwezetu na haya mambo ya ubaguzi hayatatufikisha mbali

  143. fr ben Says:

    congrats, may your fly on the wings of the dove!!!

  144. Matty Says:

    Waiiiiiii hivi hapa mimi nilipapitaje??no no may be Jeff aliflash maoni yangu, though hakijaharibika kitu,hahahahaha nicheke mie RICHA MHINDI NA NI MISS INDIA AISHIYE TZ, forget about this gal was miss Tz!
    Wat i know from my experience, HINDI PEOPLE are racist, they put their humanity in first class then swahili pipo in low class as if we are not human being!they made me to hate them!
    Mama wa Kichagga, kuhusu wazanzibar la la la don say that wanabaguana kishenzi, hasa wapemba wanajifanya wao waarabu, so hawajichanganyi sana na wazanibari(waugunja i mean)
    So ma dearest wat we are against Richa is how she prevail while there were many beautiful gals who fitted that position BUT, they judges makes wat they want!

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