All You Wanted To Know But Didn’t Know How and Where


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Kama ulikuwa hujui maana ya neno “machachari” si ajabu katika kipindi cha wiki kadhaa zilizopita umeijua. Vyombo vingi vya habari nchini Tanzania vimekuwa vikitumia neno hilo kumuelezea mbunge wa Kigoma Kaskazini, Mheshimiwa Zitto Kabwe kutokana na yaliyojiri bungeni hivi karibuni.

Akiwa na umri wa miaka 29 tu (hivi sasa ana miaka 30) Zitto Zuberi Kabwe, aliingia bungeni na kuwa mbunge mdogo kupita wote wa kuchaguliwa. Aliingia bungeni baada ya kupata dhamana ya asilimia 51 ya wapiga kura wa jimbo lake la Kigoma Kaskazini kwa kupitia chama cha CHADEMA (Chama cha Demokrasia na Maendeleo).

Hivi karibuni mbunge huyu kijana zaidi alisimamishwa kuhudhuria vikao vya bunge mpaka hapo Januari mwakani. Kufuatia kitendo hicho, jina la Zitto Kabwe pengine ndio jina ambalo limekuwa likitajwa miongoni mwa watanzania wengi kupita jina lingine lolote kwa wakati huu.

BongoCelebrity, hivi karibuni, tulipata fursa ya kufanya naye mahojiano yafuatayo ili kumjua zaidi na pia kutaka kujua ana mipango gani katika siku za mbeleni. Alianza lini kujishughulisha na siasa? Anajisikiaje baada ya kufariki dunia kwa mbunge, kijana mwenzie Amina Chifupa? Anasemaje kuhusu kilichomtokea bungeni hivi karibuni? Je ana mpango wa kugombea uraisi hususani baada ya matukio ya hivi karibuni? Kupata majibu ya maswali hayo na mengine mengi fuatana nasi katika mahojiano yafuatayo;

BC: There is a saying that says no one goes into politics for nothing, something must have pushed them into politics. On your side, what made you decide to go into politics?

ZK: I was born a politician. Politics is in my blood. I have been taking political positions since when I was in Primary School. When I decided to join an opposition political Party, I was motivated by the mere fact that Tanzania needed to have an effective opposition o check on the ruling party. I joined CHADEMA at the age of 16 and have remained with the party since then.

BC: Do/did you have a role model? If you were not a member of parliament today, what would you be doing?

ZK: Dr. Salim Ahmed Salim was and is still my role model. I see him as a well groomed person for leadership. Although he is a Tanzanian President who never became, he played a very significant role in the transformation of the OAU to AU. If I were not an MP, I would have been a lecturer, researcher and a writer. I will do the same once I leave politics. I love teaching.

BC: In some countries or societies politics is a family matter. A current good example is in the US’s Bush family and now even in Tanzania whereby our president’s son (Ridhiwani Kikwete) is now into politics. Does political involvement or policy making have a tradition in your family too?

ZK: I could say so. My mother is a local politician in Kigoma municipality. My grandfather comes from the Chief’s family. However, politics is more in me from my readings and involvement in the society.

Zitto Kabwe akiwa na mama yake mzazi hivi karibuni jimboni kwake Kigoma.

BC: Political experience is said to be one very important component if one wants to emerge as a great leader in the future. Do you agree? And if you agree, how were you involved in political grassroots activities before your involvement in party politics?

ZK: Experience is a necessary but not sufficient condition for one to be a good leader. As I said before, since primary school I was a prefect, and then at the University level I was a student leader of the Dar-es- Salaam University Students Organisation (DARUSO). The experience I gained at the University as a student leader was enormous. It has really helped me to approach issues in a very progressive way. Students’ protests and conflicts strengthened my skills for leadership and how to handle crises.

BC: Was there any disruptions in your political career path and why?

ZK: There were no significant disruptions.

BC: When you look back from the first day you officially began your political career, has there been any changes in terms of your objectives?

ZK: To be honest, there have been a number of changes. When I became an MP, most of my objectives were for my Kigoma North constituency. But once I got into the house, it seemed obvious that I had an obligation of addressing more national issues than parochial Kigoma North issues alone. I therefore see things in a bigger picture now.

BC: What was your motivation to join a political party?

ZK: I was motivated by a desire to see an accountable government. I believe that can only be achieved through a multiparty system. In Tanzania legally we have multi-party system, but in reality/practically we have a SINGLE PARTY DOMINANCE SYSTEM whereby one party (CCM) dominates all state organs. It’s my mission to see an end to the single party dominance. I want to mobilise Tanzanians to put this system to an end so that they can eventually realize ‘thamani ya kodi yao’. This can only be achieved through a strong parliament with members coming from more parties. I have a dream that, by November 2010, opposition MPs in Tanzanian Parliament will reach not less than 40%.

BC: Which function/offices did you hold in your party at the beginning?

ZK: I started as a Policy officer of the party. Then I became a Foreign Desk Officer and eventually Director for International Cooperation. I am currently a Deputy Secretary General of the Party.

BC: We know that you are an MP for Kigoma North Constituency on CHADEMA ticket. Therefore with no further question, you are CHADEMA’s member. Do you have mentors within your party?

ZK: Freeman Mbowe is my mentor. He saw me at the university, persuaded me to support the party intellectually. He has courage and vision to lead a party. He seriously groomed me as far as leadership is concerned.

BC: At the University of Dar-es-salaam you studied Economics. How does your profession correspond with your political work?

ZK: It corresponds so much. I am now a shadow Minister for Economy and hence an Opposition spokesperson for economic development of Tanzania. So I use my economics knowledge in my political work. It helps a lot.

BC: What kind of vocational training, degrees or other professional qualification do you have?

ZK: I did a course on International Marketing in Germany for a year and received several trainings in Trade Economics. I am a junior expert on Trade Economics.

BC: A lot of women in Tanzania are now holding very powerful political positions and careers. What is your opinion on that and do you think equal opportunity strategies have an impact in your country to promote women not only in decision making but also execution?

ZK: It’s true that now there are more women in political positions than before. However, the system is still male dominated. Most women you see are holding appointed positions. We have to reach a situation whereby women can contest and win seats without gender favouritism. Women face cultural and financial obstacles. So far there is no equal opportunity. We have to create the equal opportunity environment by removing these cultural and financial obstacles so that women can as well reach even higher positions.

BC: Recently, Tanzania lost one of her very young and most aspiring politician. I am talking about honourable Amina Chifupa (R.I.P). You and Amina were known to be very close due to your youthfulness. How has her death impacted you? Do you feel she has left an even greater responsibility of representing Tanzanian youth?

ZK: For sure. Amina was my close friend. We shared a lot. We learned a lot together. She was a very courageous woman and a fast learner. She was not to die. I am currently collecting her works in Parliament and plan to publish it as a book. I just want people and the next generations to know that we had such a courageous young woman MP. One friend of mine teased me after my private members motion in the house last August. She texted me with the message “The Courage of Amina, The Charisma of Mwalimu and The Confidence of Zitto”. This was after I moved my motion very articulately. The motion led to my suspension in the House.

BC: Steadman Group survey which was conducted between June and July 2007 concluded that you are/were the most liked Member of Parliament (MP). How did you feel about that and why do you think you are a most liked MP?

ZK: I felt good and that my work is recognized. It gave me more strength.

BC: In your political career what has been the most innovative/creative/challenging undertaking thus far?

ZK: Many! But the most challenging was organizing and leading CHADEMA’s campaigns in 2005. We started from scratch. I had to give leadership and we managed to double our share of votes and our number of MPs.

BC: What do you for fun?

ZK: I listen to music, go out and read.

Zitto Kabwe akisalimiana na watoto nje ya nyumba aliyokulia huko Kigoma hivi karibuni.

BC: As human beings we sometimes badly fail in order to learn. What lessons have you learned from your greatest failure? Where do you think you failed and why?

ZK: I learn to be focused. I have some failures. Failures that can be corrected. So far let me not mention where I failed. But I have failures, a number of them as a human being and as a politician. I had relationships I was not supposed to have. I constantly do self reflection in order to correct myself.

BC: One of the criticisms that are often directed to Tanzanian politicians is that “you don’t read” and also “you don’t write” books. Do you agree? Why?

ZK: I agree. Most politicians in Tanzania don’t read and writing is a huge toll to most of us. Can you imagine travelling with a Tanzanian MP from Dar to Toronto and he/she touches no single book/ newspaper? That is what happens. I read and I write. By January I expect to have about 3 books. One on why and how I won an election, second one on the late Amina and third one on The Politics of Tanzanian Parliament. First two books are on final touches. For the third one I have already collected all necessary documents.

Before 2010 I have a plan to write a book on who influences Tanzanian politics. I want to reveal the so called “Holly Trinity in Tanzanian Politics” I will co-author the book with some highly respected journalists in Tanzania. I have asked my colleagues to statrt researching. This book project, if becomes successful, will be earth breaking.

BC: What best book have you read in the past year? Who wrote it and why do you think it’s the best?

ZK: Role of Parliament in Curbing Corruption published by the World Bank and edited by Rick Stapenhurst, Niall Johnstone and Ricardo Pelizzo. The Book opened my eyes on how as an MP I can participate in the war against corruption in Tanzania. As a result I submitted in the House a private members bill to establish a Commissioner for Ethics Office and act as a registrar for Assets and interests of MPs. The bill is yet to be considered into parliamentary business. The bill aims to address the problem of conflict of interest among MPs as more and more business people gets into the Parliament.

NB: You can read the some of the pages of the above mentioned book by clicking here.

BC: Although we usually do not discuss political matters in its details in this blog, if we won’t ask you this question, we will not be doing justice to our readers. Therefore we are going to ask. What do you say about the recent development of your political career since been suspended from the parliament? In your own words what happened?

ZK: I call what happened an abuse to parliamentary majority. CCM MPs abused their numbers in the house and wanted to humiliate me. They planned to keep me quite. I did nothing wrong with my motion to ask for a probe committee to investigate the new mining contract. CCM MPs are corrupt and they were there to defend their corrupt Minister. Parliamentary Standing Orders were not followed at all. It’s bad for our democracy

Mbunge Zitto Kabwe akichangia hoja bungeni.

BC: Where you see yourself in next 10 years’ time? Any plans to run for presidency?

ZK: I harbour no ambition for Presidency. I will not run for a parliamentary seat in 2010. I want to be part of a team of leaders who will campaign for more opposition parliamentarians. In 10 years time, I might be teaching at one of the local Universities. I have so much pressure to run again in 2010, but I don’t think if I will change my mind. Let’s wait and see.

BC: Thank you for your time.

ZK: Thank you too.



  1. Andrea K. Says:

    Huyu bwana namkubali.Ana uwezo wa kujenga hoja na kujieleza pia.Nadhani ndio maana CCM wanamuogopa ndio maana wanamfanyia visa.Endelea bwana mdogo.Andika historia mpya.Asanteni BC kutuwekea mtu huyu.

  2. mwalimuzawadi Says:

    Zitto unakumbuka enzi zako ukiwa Tosamaganga a.k.a Wanyama pori? Huyu jamaa alikuwa mkali kinoma katika kujenga hoja kama kiongozi. Ana historia ya ujasiri. CCM inaamini ametumwa, la hasha Zitto anajituma. Kandamiza baba kandamiza CCM wajue kila dume na dumele. Wamewabana vijana wa UVCCM wakati wote wanafikiri wataweza kuwabania vijana wote wa Tanzania wakati wote? Kaza buti, safari ndo kwanza imeanza.

    Sala zetu vijana wenzako ni afya njema, siha nzuri na busara kebekede

  3. Baraka Says:

    Go Zitto!
    Wanasema CCM inawenyewe lakini tunawaambia kwamba Tanzania ina wenyewe, wakati wakuburuzwa na CCM umekwisha.

  4. mt halisi Says:

    Kabwe tunakukubali, tuko nyuma yako, usiogope wala usitishwe.

  5. fidelis m tungaraza Says:


    Sikumbuki siku wala tarehe kamili ambapo serikali ya awamu ya kwanza ilinishinikiza kurudishwa kwa meli ya M.V Ruvu mikononi kwa serikali baada ya kuuzwa kwa mfanyabiashara Akberal Rajpar kwa bei sawa na gari pijoti faivuofoo (Peugeot 504)-hapa nimetia chumvi kidogo kwa makususdi. Meli hii iliuzwa kwa mizengwe na kugeuzwa jina kuitwa M.V. Lord Rajpar.

    Sakata la M.V. Lord Rajpar lilisimamiwa kidedea na serikali ama kwa uchungu wa kitaifa au kwa shinikizo la serikali ya China ambayo ndiyo iliyokuwa mwekezaji mwenza katika Shirika la Meli la Tanzania na China (SINOTA_SHIP). Meli ya M.V. Ruvu si tu kama ilirudishwa bali wahusika katika kasheshe hilo waliwajibishwa ama kwa kufukuzwa kabisa kazi au kushushwa vyeo. Nadhani baada ya sakata la M.V. Ruvu ndipo aliyekuwa Waziri Mkuu wa wakati huo Ndugu Rashid Mafaume Kawawa alipoondolewa madaraka ya uwaziri Mkuu na kuwa Waziri Asiye na Wizara Maalumu na aliyekuwa Waziri Ulinzi na Jeshi la Kujenga Taifa Marehemu Edward Sokoine alipoteuliwa kuwa Waziri Mkuu.

    Muda mfupi baada ya kuteuliwa kuwa Waziri Mkuu Marehemu Sokoine aliendeleza mapambano na walanguzi na wahujumu uchumi. Mwaka 1982 au 83 akaendeleza mapambano na walunguzi na wahujumu uchumi.

    Sambamba na kuuzwa kwa M.V. Ruvu palitokea tena hujuma ya ununuzi wa ndege mbovu Boeng 737 toka mfanyabiashara wa Kilebanoni George Hallack. Sakata hili nalo tulishuhudi kuondolewa madarakani kwa aliyekuwa Waziri wa Mawasiliano na Uchukuzi wa wakati huo Ndugu Mwingira pamoja na maofisa wengine wa serikali na wa Shirika la Ndege la Tanzania.

    Ninachota kusema hapa ni kwamba tabia ya kujihujumu hatujaianza leo: ilikuwepo na ipo na nisingependa kubashiri kwamba itaendelea kuwapo. Ninachosema ilikuwepo na katika serikali ya kwanza ilikuwa ikichukuliwa hatua kali.

    Serikali ya pili hali kadhalika iliwahi kuingilia kati na kuchukulia hatua kali dhidi ya hujuma. Rais wetu wa serikali ya nne Ndugu Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete akiwa waziri Mdogo wa Madini na Nishati alipandishwa kuwa Waziri wa Madini na Nishati baada ya hujuma za Kampuni ya madini ya Kilebanoni ya Datadine. Alihamishwa toka Wizara ya Madini na Nishati kwenda Wizara ya Fedha baada hujuma ndani ya Wizara ya Fedha ambapo aliyekuwa Waziri wa Fedha Marehemu Kighoma Malima alilazimika kujiuzulu wadhifa wake kwa sababu ya hujuma zilizotokea ndani ya Wizara hiyo.

    Ninachotaka kueleza hapa ni kwamba Rais wetu wa sasa si mgeni katika kushughulika na hujuma. Cha kushangaza ni kwa nini kakaa kimya. Kuna wakati huwa nafikiri labda ataoka kwa ile methali ya Kiswahili isemayo “..Kimya kingi kina mshindo..” Lakini kuna wakati naanza kufikiri kwamba “..Aungurumaye simba, mbwa hubwaka tu..” Wakati mwingine najikuta nikisema “..Meno ya mbwa hayaumani..”

    Ningekuwa ni mtu wa karibu na Rais Kikwete ningemwambia “..Ndugu Rais, unamkumbuka Luteni mwenziyo Gerry Rawlings jinsi alivyokuwa. Alikuwa na sura, wajihi, ajira, na mvuto kama wewe. Tofauti yenu yeye aliingia Ikulu kwa mtutu wewe uliingia Ikulu kwa kura. Tofauti yenu nyingine Rawlings alikuwa na ajenda na alikuwa anazikamilisha..” Jinginewe ningemwambia “..Ndugu Rais, ukiangalia hapo juu yetu. Rais Moi alipoingia madarakani mwaka 1978 aliwakuta watu waliokuwa wamejikita na kutamakani madarakani kama kina Njonjo, Koinange, Kibaki na wengineo. Lakini aliwasambaratisha na kuleta mwelekeo mpya ndani ya Kenya. Sasa hata kama ni kweli kuhus wanamtandao unaweza kufanya kama alivyofanya Rais Rawlings au Rais Moi..Anza shughuli sasa kina Zitto Kabwe watakuumbua na hao wanaidhibiti demokrasi pengine wana nia ya kukuhujumu na kuhujumu nchi. Watimue ili kwamba ulinde nchi na jina lako..”


    Ni Miye maridhiya,

    Fidelis M Tungaraza.

  6. mtz kinoma Says:

    Br Zitto
    ccm ni kundi la maharamia na ni majambazi,lakini usiogope kitu M/MUNGU yuko pamoja na walindao haki za wanyonge. Yeye ndieatakae kulinda usiogope vitisho

  7. mtz kinoma Says:

    Ukweli ukidhihiri Uongo hujitenga .Tumekubali yale yote yaliosemwa na vyama vya upinzani juu ya hawa wahuni wa ccm ni kweli tupu .Hata katika uchaguzi wa wenyewe kwa wenyewe ngumi mtu .Huwezi kumuhukumu mtu anae towa rushwa wakati na wewe umeingia kwenye madaraka kwa njia za wizi mauwaji,rushwa na uporaji lakini yote haya yanamwisho.Zitto waumbue hayo majambazi wa mali za Umma wote hao ni wezi watupu na Arubaini yao imeshafika.

  8. hombiz Says:

    Mimi ndio kabisaaaa!. Hao kereng`ende..majinamizi wa CCM, SIWAPENDI KABISA. Nakuunga mkono mbunge kijana kwa kuwaumbua. Wewe na Marehemu amina Chifupa ni mfano mzuri kwa vijana wote Tanzania kufata nyayo zenu. Wakati umefika sasa kwa vijana kucharuka na kukabiliana na hayo majinamizi ya CCM, yasizidi kuidumbukiza Tanzania shimoni kwa vizi, ulanguzi na uhujumu wa mali ya uma uliokithili.

  9. Bob-Jam Says:

    Muheshimiwa Z.Kabwe nimefurahishwa sana na jitihada zako pamoja na uwajibikaji wako kama mbunge, najua unafahamu wazi kwa kufanya hivyo baadhi ya viongozi(bendera fata upepo)watakuwa na chuki kubwa sana na wewe lakini umeamua ku take risk kwa ajili ya kuwatetea wananchi waliokupeleka bungeni,nakumbuka miaka 80-90s pale KGM Pri School nilikuwa mbele yako lakini u sharp na ukali wako nadhani ulianzia pale nakutakia kila la kheri na zidi kuwabana hao wakandamizaji. KORA KORA MUGHABO!!!!

  10. Jimmy Says:

    I salute you man!
    Read a book( novel) called – ” The beautiful Ones are nmot yet born” it tells how party politics can harm the country – Zitto pambana na tuko nyuma yako.

  11. Mkwe Says:

    waambie maana wamezidi mdogo wangu,unajua awa CCM wamezidi sana,1 uyu Karamage kapewa uwaziri kwa sababu tu kaka yake ni mshikaj mkubwa wa JK na hana lolote ndo maana awezi sema lolote,na kazidi sana kurudisha fadhila iyo ni mwanzo tuu akome

  12. Iddy Says:

    Tanzania Politics ni kichwa cha mwenda wazimu. I admire Mr Kabwe, he is a real model to a lot of young politician. However Tanzania can’t be helped with one politican, so i think its a good move for him to campaign for others.
    Mungu ibariki Tanzania

  13. Salome Says:

    Mungu aliyewavusha wana wa esraelia toka utumwani nchi ya Misri, atakuvusha na wewe Mh Kabwe, No matter what ccm words will hurt you, but be strong and courageous as God told Joshua, from the book of Joshua chapter1:9.All our prays is always with you. May God protect you.

  14. bi mzuri Says:

    Hiyo interview ingefanyika kwa kiswahili, siyo wote wanajua kiingerza.

  15. John J.E.W.M. Says:

    Please Zitto keep it ringing! I think it is high time poor administrators like Samwel Sitta and his opportunistic allies and follies like Adam K. A. Malima and Mudhihir Mudhihir should go to hell. They are not a kind of politicians that we need in order to make any foreseeable strides in economic and social development. Zitto you are an icon to be emulated by many. You are the upcoming Mandela plaese keep it up and we are there to make sure your and national interests are before everything na sio kina Sitta wanaopalilia rushwa kwa sababu kila walichonacho wamekipata kwa njia hiyo. Tunamjua Sitta aliibadilisha TIC ikawa kijiwe cha wapokea na watoa rushwa na kama huna chochote kitu wewe utapewa maelezo na walinzi ambao hata lo lote kuhusu investment hawalijui lakini ukiwa na brief case kubwa, hata kama umejaza upupu, Sitta ndo anaipokea kwa mikono miwili na kutokomea ofisini kwake kwa hiyo hatushangai maana Karamagi atakuwa amemkatia kidogo.
    There will be a day when Tanzanians will decide to liberate themselves when people like you Zitto will be real celebrities in all circus of life and people like Sitta will be not be in a position even to air their funny ideas. Tuendeleze mapambano mpiganaji tuko nyuma!


    Baba Mwitta

  16. Bob Sankofa Says:

    Unajua kuna kitu kimoja Wabunge wengi hawajastukia ndio maana jamaa kawapiga bao la kisigino, jamaa si mchawi na wala hafanyi miujiza, anachofanya jamaa ni kusoma nyakati kitu ambacho viongozi wengi wa nchi hii wamekifumbia macho.

    Kuna watu, huwezi kuamini, bado wana imani kuwa nguvu iliyokuwa nayo CCM kipindi cha Mwalimu bado ipo vilevile, basi Zitto kauona huo mwanya na atawapeleka puta hadi watie akili.

    Zitto amewastukia jamaa hawasomi, sio vitabu tu bali hata kumbukumbu za Chama Chao Matajiri, naye anatumia udhaifu huohuo kuwatoa umaarufu. Si umecheki pale juu anakwambia mtu anasafiri kutoka Bongo hadi Canada hagusi hata inflight magazine? Sasa kama ni hivyo kwa nini jamaa asiendelee kuwagalagaza mchana kweupe.

    Safi sana BC, interview imetulia, iko makini sana.

  17. Onq'wafaza Says:


    It is hard to be play the game with integrity in the society which is corrupt. It takes a very big courage even to start thinking of playing the game. Tanzanian politicians are known to be good in corruption.May God give you courage needed to play the game

  18. ANNA Says:


  19. masa killa Says:

    kweli hata punda akichapwa sana nae huchoka na hatimae anaeza hata kuongea juu ya mateso anayopata kama vile punda wa balaam alivyoongea kwenye biblia..watanzania kwakweli tumechoka,kama ccm haitabadili mwenendo wao wakutumia mibavu,si ombei mabaya ila wananchi wanyonge wanaochapwa na mateso ya kila aina(ya ufisadi na dhuluma ya maliasili zao)basi muda si mrefu wataongea kama punda wa balaam,watshika mitutu na kutafuta altelnative nyingine..yani bunge letu limejaa wawakilishi wanaosinzia na kupinga mada zenye umombozi kama za zitto na kupiga kilele bila aibu,LEONARDO DA VINCI aliesema where there is shouting there is no true knowledge”,hili ndio linalo dhihirishwa dhahiri na wabunge walioshiba madaraka..watanzania tumuunge mkono brother wetu kabwe katika kurudisha nchi yetu,INATAKA KUUZWA..WE SHOULD FEAR NO MAN COZ DEATH IS ALL THATS PROMOSED

  20. mnzava Says:

    jamani ee hebu ngojeni kwanza!! Bwa mdogo Zito tunakupongeza lakini mimi naona sasa mwanangu ndio umewapa nafasi jamaa kule bungeni kufanya watakavyo kwenye mambo mengine mengi na muhimu kwa taifa wakati we unatumia muda mrefu huku kujizolea ujiko.

    ninachokuomba dogo ni hiki: hoja zako nzito na za maana sana lakini mwanangu hebu beba tahadhari na ya ulimi wako ambao mi naona uko tenge sana maana kwa mwendo huo utakuwa unatoswa kila siku huko bungeni na mwishowe utakuwa huwatendei haki wapiga kura wako wa kigoma kaskazini. Babaangu madikteta ya ccm yanatumia mbinu za kivita halafu wewe unajipeleka mzima mzima sasa usijeishia kama mrema maana mrema mwanangu muziki wake ulikuwa mkubwa kweeeli siku zile sasa naona ndo basi tena.
    tunataka wachezaji ndani ya timu bwana sio kujipeleka upewe kadi nyekundu halafu utoke nje kutafuta ujiko.

    watch out dogo!! bongo hii utaota nundu kwenye koo usipoangalia.

  21. Mboggo Says:

    Watu kama hawa ndo wanafaa sana for our country, hebu angalia from STATOIL site PSA between them and TPDC.

    and tell me what will 10% do upon finding oil to the country??????????????????????????

  22. chediel Says:

    safi sana Mh.Zito pambana mkuu tufumbue macho vijana.Waamshe hao walio lala.hawasomi kwa sababu wameshamaliza kutuhadaa lakini wajue kuwa nchi au wananchi wanabadilika

  23. Sedet Sospiter Says:

    Kaka Zitto, Pole kwa kazi kubwa na nzito uliyoianzisha na unayoendelea nayo. “Najua uwezo wako kiakili ni mkubwa sanaa; uadilifu wako katika uongozi wa kisiasa na kiutawala ni wa hali ya juu, najua umahili wako katika kujenga hoja zilizofanyiwa utafiti hauna mashaka.Wewe ni kiogozi mzuri sanaa. Ukijipanga vizuri utafika mbali na utalifanyia taifa hili na afrika mambo makubwa sana yenye manufaa kwa wananchi na waafrika walio wengi” Maneno haya nilikuambia siku ile tulipoongea mpaka saa tisa za usiku. Kaka jipange, tuko nyuma yako. Nina uhakika tutafika mbali.

    Nchi hii yetu sote siyo ya manyang’au wachache wa CCM wakiogozwa na MUIRANI MBULUSHI ROSTAM AZIZ wenzake. Kwa kupatikana watu jasiri na wenye akili kama wewe mwisho wa CCM maslahi umekwisha. Na huu ndiyo mwanzo wa kuweka maslahi ya taifa na watanzania mbele. Wakati wa kufanywa vi-catoon umekwisha.

    Zitto endelea mbele, tuko nyuma yako kaka.

  24. mtz kinoma Says:

    Kama kuna serikali ya Majuha,Mazimwi na mafisadi au Mafisi na hujapata kuiona basi iko na wenyewe nihawa mafisadi wa ccm .Kama hawa sio majuha kweli ninani mtu mwenye akili timam anaeweza kutamka hadharani kama ccm hakuna harufu ya rushwa
    Sasa nikuulize wewe kada mwezangu mkereketwa kama mimi .Hawa Wabunge wetu pale mahakamani wapelekwa kwa kazi nzuri walioifanya ya chama chako ccm .Mimi ni mkereketwa wa nchi yangu weweni mkereketwa wa kuifilisi Nchi na viliomo .Nyinyi ccm ni wabaya na ni hatari kuliko GONJWA LA UKIMWI . TUTAHAKIKISHA WATANZANIA WOTE WAWAEPUKE CCM NA KUNDI LAO NA ULAGHAI WA MANENO YA WIZIWIZI .ZITTO UZI NI ULEULE WAUMBUE MAJAMBAZI POPOTE PALE YALIPO SISI TUKO NAWE BEGA KWA BEGA NA M/ MUNGU INSHHALLAH ATAKUSITIRI NI KILA MAOVU AMIN AMIN.KILA AJAE KWA SHARI WAIJUWA YAKE DHAMIRI YARABBI.

  25. faraj Says:

    The saga continue,There is so called Law of diminishing by Adam smith .This is what kikwete doing with his corrupted friends(Ministers).hell no!we its time for revolutions.

    Keep up Kabwe

  26. dRU Says:

    Mara nyingi nimemsikia Rais Kikwete akitumia neno “KUJIPANGA” kama kweli wanajipanga na safu yake ya uongozi basi hivi sasa ni lazima akumbuke kwamba kujipanga huku kunafuatiliwa na siyo tu “WAPINZANI” jina ambalo sidhani kama ni sahihi, kwangu mimi “WAPINZANI” ni vyama vya siasa ambavyo havipo madarakani na si kwa maana ya upinzani, na kutokuwa kwao madarakani wanatetea maendeleo ya watanzania wote kwa ujumla na hivyo si wapinzani kama wanavyoitwa bali ni warejesha na wakumbushi wa mambo ambayo serikali inakuwa na mkono mfupi ama upeo finyu. Rais Kikwete ana nafasi nzuri zaidi kutumia nafasi hii ya “WAPINZANI” Kujenga Tanzania mpya kabisa maana hawa wanoitwa wapinzani wana upeo mkubwa zaidi sasa kwa kuyafichua maovu yote yanayotendeka katika jamii yetu ya Tanzania.. kwa nini hawa waiwe polisi wako!!!??? Huyu Mheshimiwa mbunge Zito na changamoto kubwa sana kwa nchi nzima… kasoma na anajishughulisha hasa kutumia alichosomea kuelimisha watu wengi na ni kwa njia rahisi na ya mifano!!!! Bila ya kuwa na upendeleo leo hii ukinipa kuongea maswala ya nchi na Mheshimiwa Adam Malima sidhani kama nitapata maono sawasawa na muelekeo uliyosambamba kama ningeongea na Mheshimiwa Kabwe… (It is a TRUE FACT)!!! na wengi ndani ya chama chetu tawala wana angukia humo!!! The same Mheshimiwa Adam, hakufungiwa bungeni kwa uongo aliosema kuhusu Mzee Reginald Mengi yet hata spika aliongea busara na kusema wakati mwingine kukaa kimya kutamfanya yeye Mheshimiwa Adam kujirudi na kuona kwamba uzushi si mahala pa bunge!!! Lakini Mheshimiwa Kabwe kafungiwa na alichosema si UZUSHI!!! Una Demokrasia inapokwenda wajameni!!

  27. teddy Says:

    Na bado usiogope kuwakosoa ccm wamwzidi udanganyifu pamoja na rais wao kikwete, anawaangalia tu wanavyofanya ujinga wao hakuna cha takukuru wala nini, ccm ni wezi wa kimachocho. unaona sasa yaliyomkuta mudhihir mudhihir yeye ndiye alikuwa wa kwanza kunyoosha mkono utolewe bungeni, mungu amemkata mkono, binadamu kabla hujafa hujaumbika, usiogope wote tutakufa ila siku tofauti.

  28. Joshua Says:

    Napenda sana kuona kuwa wananchi wamemka sasa hivi toka katika usingizi wa pono katika ufisadi katika maisha, Pia nyinyi wananchi wote wa huko Tanzania sio mnandika tu na wakati wa uchaguzi mnakipa Chama Cha Chukua chako Mapema Ulaji na kura na kuimba na kuponda vya vya upinzani.. Haya ni matunda ya Kuchagua mafiga matatu katika uchaguzi na kupogea hongo kuwa sana . Leo mnaona nyinyi Matokea. Umefika wakati CCM to Go to Hell.
    Josh Michael
    Colorado USA

  29. john Gabutu Says:

    hi all

    am a son of, and whhen i did ok.


  30. anna kusekwa Says:

    mimi naomba aeendelee maana akaze mwando asiongope maana ndiopo tunajua wanaichi kuwa tumechangua mtu mwenye uchungu na nchi yetu

  31. Mbughi,Regnald Says:

    Personnality ya mtu inaonekana kutokana na material anayo deliver, waungwana wanaiita heshima ya mtu.

    Mtanzania mwenzangu ninaikumbuka sana Risala uliyoiandaa wakati mkituaga pale nyumbani kwa wanyama wa pori (Tosamaganga) mimi nikiwa makamu wa mwenyekiti wa shule wakati mkiondoka.

    Endela kuchanua na moyo huo wa kutaka mabadiliko.


  32. Sammy Says:

    Kwa kweli nimefurahishwa sana na mtazamo wa Zito Kabwe wa kusimama kidete kupambana na rushwa na ufisadi.Jamani umefika wakati Tanzania inahitaji ukombozi toka kwenye genge la mafisadi na wala rushwa. CCM inanuka rushwa kuanzia juu mpaka chini,hakuna chochote wanachosema kitawasaidia watanzania.Hebu angalia sasa hivi Mawaziri wote aidha wanamali nyingi walizozipata ambazo hazina maelezo ndani na nje ya nchi,au wamejiwekea mtandao utakaowanufaisha wao na familia zao na kuwaacha watanzania walio wengi kuendelea kuwa maskini.

    Mtandao ulioundwa ndani ya CCM ni wakuinyonya nchi hii na kuiacha ikiwa masikini ya kutupwa.Ukiangalia kwa makini hakuna utashi wa dhati na mipango endelevu ya kuwakwamua watanzania wa leo kutoka katika lindi la umaskini walionao.

    Lengo la viongozi waliopo madarakani ni kujimilikisha utajiri wa nchi ya Tanzania kwao na kwa vizazi vyao.Tunahitaji vijana wanamapinduzi kama Zito kuongoza mapambano haya ili kumkomboa mtanzania.Endeleza vita hii ndugu Zito,sisi vijana wa leo tumeamka na tuko nyuma yenu.Tuko tayari kukisukuma Chama Cha Majambazi kuzimu na kuleta nuru mpya kwa kizazi kipya cha Tanzania.

    Matumaini ya watanzania wengi ni kuwa utawaoungoza katika mapambano haya mpaka uhuru halisi upatikane.Tumechoka kudangwanywa,kuonewa,kukandamizwa,kuibiwa na kufanywa wajinga.Watanzania tumeshaonewa vya kutosha sasa umefika wakati wa kudai ukombozi wetu wa kiuchumi toka kwenye genge la mafisadi na majambazi waliojiundia mtandao.

    Zito kaza mwendo na uwe jasiri sisi vijana tumeamka,tunakuunga mkono na tuko nyuma yako.

  33. Dr David Bwogi Says:

    Hii ndio mifano, watanzania tunatakiwa kuamka na kuwa wakali wa kuuuliza maswali. Kama hatupati majibu ywa kweli tunahitaji kufanya uchunguzi wa ukweli hili kuwasimamia kooni hao wanajiita vigogo kwa kuiibiia nchi.

    well done Mr Zito tunahitaji vijan kama 100 hivi nchi nzima walio kama wewe , then mabadiliko yanweze kuonekana

  34. Mwakikoti Stefan Barbo Says:

    Zitto is a true son Tanzania. He speaks to the people, for the people. If Nyerere and Sokoine were alive, he could receive congratulations from them. Now that they are no longer; it is our task, truely loving sons and daughters of Tanzania to support him and his colleagues. We reveal all evils we know of the “greed lions” to them, so that they have strong evidence as they fight corruption. Look at them, they shameless hang on to power until death!!

  35. scope Says:

    hata Jesus alizaliwa miongoni mwa wayahudi watenda dhambi,lakini ndiye akaibuka mtakatifu na mwokozi wa ulimwengu.
    tuko miongoni mwa kizazi kichafu chenye ufisadi na ubinafsi vingozi,sio watendaji na hata wananchi kwa ujumla wao.kila m2 anatamani aitafune nchi hii mpaka ibaki mifupa.
    Ni wewe 2 uliyeliona hilo na kuamua kwa dhati kulipigani.USJALI HATA VITABU VYA MUNGU VINATUONYESHA KWAMBA KILA KIZAZI HUWA NA NABII WAKE., ambaye atakuwa tayari kujitoa muhanga kwa ajili ya wa2 wake.
    2najua kuwa unapambana na nguvu kubwa kupindukia ambazo ki-uwezo wa binadamu zinatisha lakini wewe uko na mungu kwani unapigania haki na hakuna nguvu ya kushinda na na nguvu ya mungu.

    zito go

  36. Reg Miserere Says:

    Katuwakilishe kwenye tume ya madini baba……..

  37. bwigane Says:

    mi nadhani umefika wakati watanzania kubadilika,na wakati wa mabadiliko ndio huu,hauwezi ukaingia ccm ukitegemea kufanya mabadiliko ya aina yoyote,lazima kwa sasa uende vyama vya upinzani kubadili mwelekeo wa siasa yetu ya kikandamizaji,vijana wenzangu nadhani ule wakati wa kuingia kwenye mapambano ni sasa
    nani asiyejua baadhi ya mawaziri wa ccm ni wabadhilifu?eti wanajitetea wao sio mafisadi!sijawai kuona mwizi amekamatwa halafu akakubali moja kwa moja kuwa yeye ni mwizi,namuomba karamagi,mramba,chenge,buriani batrida wawe mfano mzuri wa kujiuzuru nyadhifa zao.lazima wakumbuke hawawezi kuongoza watu ambao hawana imani nao,
    inanitia shaka kuona wale vijana wanaokimbilia ccm,kabla haujaingia katika chama chochote cha siasa nawaomba vijana wenzangu tufikirie mara saba tusije kutukanwa na vizazi vijavyo.otherwise kabwe songa mbele zaidi ya yote jikinge na ukimwi

  38. any Says:

    watamchifupa, akae chini aangalie na uhai wake pia.

  39. abuu Says:

    ukijitetea wewe ndio umetuokoa sisi wazindue walolala please

  40. shukrani Says:

    the man has strong mind,he knows what he is going to speak,usually he speak when he has data,that is he uses facts to build opinion,while others uses opinions to find the fact.
    i remember when he was at tosamaganga the man could deliver speaches at an assembly ground to point out bad things which administrators (teachers) were doing to his fellow students.
    thus the man is talented and confident.
    i strongly support you because i know what you are doing
    big up mnyamapori wa tosamaganga

  41. lightness Says:

    Sio mshabiki wa siasa ila Zitto na wenzako mnaotutetea nawakukubali waheshimiwa…..hauko kwenye ushabiki wa kujenga jina ila unatutetea watu wa chini
    Big up
    Natamani na mbunge wetu angekuwa kama wewe…..ila jimbo letu lipo kama halipo vile!!!
    Wilaya ya Hai upande wa idara ya ardhi ni uozo mtu Zitto sijui uje na huku……tumemmiss sana Mh Mbowe enzi zake aliwachamsha.
    Kila la kheri but take care

  42. frank abel Says:

    Bro Zitto ongera sana kwa unayoyafanya,binafsi ninakuunga mkono kwayote unayoyafanya ila ninakushauli kitu kimoja,unda umoja wa vijana hasa wa Elimu ya juu,vyuo vikuu na taasisi za elimu ya juu ambao wataungana pamoja katika kutetea masirai ya Taifa pale tu watakapoona kuna aina yoyote ya ufisadi, mimi ni mmja wa wanachama watarajiwa,nalisubiri hilo kwa hamu kubwa.MAY GOD BREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES YOU

  43. mukrim Says:

    duh mzuka swahibah yani tukipata watu kama wewe wa 5 tu tz ipo mashada ewani ful kulala kuku mjita wangu yani wee achaa lakin usichoke kaza buti ful

  44. Mganule,Adam A Says:

    Z,Nina imani watanzania wengi hawakuamini na hawakuwa na uhakika na hoja zako ulizozitoa wakati ule.Kama spika,Mudhihir na kundi lake watakuwa na akili wangewaomba radhi watanzania kwa kupuuza hoja zako.

    Nina imani kwa kuundwa kwa tume kuchunguza mkataba wa madini wa Buzwagi ungezaa mengi kama ya Richmond kwani main characters ni walewale.

    Keep it up br!.

  45. van Says:

    Mi napenda kumpa pongezi Zitto Kabwe kwa ujasiri alio nao katika kupambana juu ya democrasia ya kweli, katika huu ulimwengu wa vyama vingi, kikubwa asikate tamaa kwani watanzania walio wengi wana imani nae na umri aliokuwa nao unaruhusu kabisa kuwa mpigania haki za wananchi. Kwani kuna baadhi ya wakuu wamejisahau kwenye majukumu yao.

  46. petro. Says:


  47. FIRST LADY Says:

    Kabwe ndugu yangu, sala zako ndio kinga yako daima milele, mafisadi wote wenye husuda na wewe hatakubabaisha na malaika wema daima watakua na wewe. anytime if you need my support am here for you. ninadata ambazo najua wewe peke yako ndio unaweza kuzifanyia kazi and am ready to give to u only. keep the spirity brother.
    love ya.

  48. watubwana Says:

    siri ya mtungi aijuaye mwizi arobaini.angurumapo simba mcheza nani?asiyekubali kushindwa si mshindani.hiari yashinda utumwa.kimya kingi kinamshindo mkubwa.kumcha MUNGU si kilemba cheupe.njia ya mwongo ni fupi.serikali inabidi iangalie kila kitu kinachosemwa na kufanyiwa mrekebisho.ukiona mwenzako anyolewa zako tia maji.

  49. MASUMBUKO Says:

    mshikaji yupo juu. hata hoja anazoibua zinakuwa na msingi. endelea mshikaji vijana wote tupo nyuma yako.

  50. ibrahim Says:

    bro for what you hv done already i declear my appreciation to you,u r the true patriot,wil u mind 2 gv me any of ur address esp email?

  51. keep up the good job man.

  52. kyara joseph Says:


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