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INTRODUCING TZEE March, 25, 2008

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Tzee pronounced ‘TEE ZEE’ is an artist from Arusha-Tanzania based in the U.K .He is well known in the U.K after perfomances with the likes of Juma Nature and T.ID.His actual name is Zacharia Kambami. Tzee composes his own songs and plays an acoustic guitar.In an attempt to put his music on the world map and spread the Swahili gospel and Bongo Flava,Tzee performs live with his band at festivals across the U.K.He also performs solo at times.

Tzee has strong links to the Masai Tribe through his ancestors. His music is described as Afrosoul music with traditional Afro rhythm. Tzee started playing a guitar at a tender age of 11 taught by his grand father. He joined a choir at the age of 14 and performed with the choir at traditional gatherings as well as in churches. He went to high school in neighbouring country Kenya and started to write songs in Swahili in his spare time. It was there that he earned a nickname Tzee ‘the singing boy from Tanzania hence the nickname Tzee.

Tzee later formed a group with Mandojo and Domokaya in Arusha but then he relocated to U.K in 2004.Mandojo and Domokaya went on to release a single through Bongo Records and released a string of hit songs in Tanzania.Tzee continued to pursue his music career in U.K and has performed live at different venues across the UK.

He has done a collaboration track called with Soggy Doggy a track called Aziza.Tzee is in the process of completing his debut album to be released later this year.Please check Tzee’s music on

Discography: Bromely Market festival 2007 in London, Portsmouth multicultural Festival 2007,Out of Africa music Festival Southampton 2007, Pyramids Afrocarribean show 2007 in Portsmouth , Africanise Fashion show in Slough 2007,Commonwealth dinner dance in London 2007, Miss Tanzania U.K 2007,Miss East Africa U.K 2007,One love show in Bristol in 2007, AfroGathering 2007 in Birmingham. Tzee has also opened U.K shows for Jose Chameleon, Juma Nature and T.I.D;prominent East African musicians.

Sikiliza nyimbo zake kupitia myspace page yake kwa kubonyeza hapa.


5 Responses to “INTRODUCING TZEE”

  1. Juliet Baruti Says:

    Aziza nakupenda, aziza umrembo, aziza uwe mama wa watoto, mmmh inasound vizuri sana beat pia zimetulia.lovely tracks on your myspace.

  2. Gervas Says:

    Foresight, Insight and Creativity (FIC)……nakufyagilia kijana, unaweza fika kunako! namimi nitaiga mfano wako huku kijijini kwetu, mbona kila mtu anaenda wingereza? au mabox yanalipa sana huko?

  3. Michelle Says:

    mbona huyu kijana vidole vyake vina rangi mbalimbali, au ndo ubebaji wa mabox huko UK, kazi kwako mzee wa miziki, tunakufagilia sana .

  4. amina Says:

    ahhh mi hata sielewi

  5. abbou Says:

    Ebwana mwana kamua! kamua mwana! tupo kwa watu uku lazima uwakilishe Tz mwanawane! au sio siunakumbuka long time mwana! masai Camp mpaka UK mwanawane! kaza buti mwanawane.

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