All You Wanted To Know But Didn’t Know How and Where


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Kwa habari zaidi bonyeza hapa.



  1. hombiz Says:

    Tutumze mazingira yetu. Tusikate miti hovyo kuutunza mlima huu. Nasikia saruju iliyoko kileleni mwa mlima huu inazidi kutoweka na inawezekana ikatoweka kabisa miaka ijayo kutokana na mchafuzi wa mazingira unaoendelea. Wananchi wenzangu, inafaa tujiunge pamoja ktk kupambana na uharibifu huu wa mazingira ambao unaweza kuharibu kabisa mandhari ya mlima huu na kukosa kivutio chake muhimu.

  2. hombiz Says:

    Nimeipata habari hii hapa chini kutoka hapa

    Here is another story about a point from Gore’s AIT hit parade; Mount Kilimanjaro. Mr. Gore asserted that the disappearance of snow on Mount Kilimanjaro in East Africa was expressly attributable to global warming; “Within the decade, there will be no more snows of Kilimanjaro.” That was in 2005 in his movie An Inconvenient Truth.

    Deforestation seems to be causing Mount Kilimanjaro’s shrinking glacier. Researchers think deforestation of the mountain’s foothills is the most likely culprit. Without the forests’ evapotranspiration of humidity into the air, previously moisture-laden winds blowing across those forests now blow drier. The summit, no longer replenished with water from those winds, started shrinking. Studies show the ice is evaporating through a process called sublimation. You can witness this effect at home, have you ever noticed that ice cubes left in your freezer tend to shrink with time?

    Last year, a British Court ruled Gore’s point about Kilimanjaro not to be true.

    So when a news story crossed my desk today that said: “Mount Kilimanjaro: On Africa’s roof, still crowned with snow” I had to wonder, will we see this one covered in the main stream media? Or maybe those beacons of truth over at Real Climate will make a note of it?

    Don’t hold your breath. But, at least the New York Times travel section covered it. It seems more of a touristy thing to have snow on Kilimanjaro than a scientific issue of truth I suppose.

    UPDATE: Kate over at SDA created a collage over time showing the snow of Mt. Kilimanjaro:

  3. Gervas Says:

    Kutokata miti hovyo kwa Tanzania hakutoshi, this is a global warming issue, huwezi jua labda Ice inayeyuka pia sababu ya volcano ndani kwa ndani inachemka japo wanasema imekufa. Pia nilisikia kuna Mtalii alikufa huko juu mlimani sijui eti mawe yalipasuka asa hata sielewi kunani huko peak ya kili. Kwa vile wazungu walipima zamani wakasema volcano imekufa basi tena tunaamini lakini ukanda huu wa Kilimanjaro, oldonyo Lengai I believe bado upo live wala haaujafa…anything can happen anytime.

  4. moyo Says:

    Abit of advice to tourism organisers. In order for Tanzania to gain more tourism popularity, few important issues have to be recognised. Haya mambo ya kuimba oh! tanzania tunawanyama,tuna hifadhi haitoshi bila mambo mengine. Its time hotels,tour agents and others start counterchecking their services,prices etc against their counterparts. In comparison, Tanzania is very expensive and has quiet low quality in hotels to services. Appropriate staff training, simplicity, good communication and safety might be one of the issues to develop.

    A tip, wazungu/tourists when choosing Tanzania, they do not expect to live in a 5 star hotel and eat chicken and chips. By choosing to visit Tanzania, They are most interested in seing lions, experience a normal day with the locals and not with people who are westernized, local food, history etc. So as long as these are well organized, i mean good means of transportation, certainity,simplicity, safety,good communication skills..i should think we would be far ahead..
    many thanks

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